Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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DIY Pickup Bumper Replacement

Replace a rusted or dented pickup bumper yourself

Don’t Use Economy Auto Parts

Don't go for cheap parts unless you plan to junk your car in a year or so

How to Check Brake Fluid

Make sure the corrosion inhibitor in your brake fluid hasn't worn out

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Coolant Testing with a Multimeter

Perform a quick diagnostic test with a multimeter

Protect Your Engine With Additives

Fuel additives improve engine performance and other additives solve a variety of engine/drive-train problems

How to Choose the Right Car Oil and Filter

Use the right oil and filter and make your car last

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Winter Driving: How to Survive a Car Breakdown

Winter adds an extra level of danger when a car breaks down.

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Using a Diagnostic Car Code Reader

Unravel the mysteries of the “Check Engine” light with a car code reader.

Retire Your Old Automotive Test Light

Replace your incandescent test light with a digital LED test light

Replace a Leaking Heater Hose

You don't have to replace the whole assembly

Free Up Stuck Bolts in 5 Easy Steps

It seems like every repair job involves at least one stuck bolt. And over the years I’ve learned that brute...

How to Fix a Car Power Antenna

Complete this simple fix in about 2 hours.

Truck & SUV Tire Buying Guide

Use this tire buying guide to learn how to buy truck and SUV tires

Make Your Wiper Blades Last Longer

When you’re behind the wheel, nothing is more crucial than good visibility. So read on to learn how to clean...

Best Tool Boxes for Trucks: How to Decide Which to Buy

We checked out locks, latches, materials and ease of use to come up with the winners in tool boxes for...

How to Fix a Twisted Key

Clamp the key in a vise with the twisted end pointing up. Then use pliers to carefully twist the key...

14 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Vehicle safety is important during winter weather conditions, especially if you have to drive on icy or snowy road. Here's...

Learn how to fix an automotive dent from 3M and Chip Foose

Chip Foose is a world famous car renovation expert and the host of Velocity TV’s “Overhaulin.” The experts at the...

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How to Check Transmission Fluid

Our Family Handyman automotive expert will show you how to check the transmission fluid in your car to prevent damage.

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How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

A sharp lawn mower blade will help keep your grass healthy.

8 Mechanic’s Tool Tips for DIYers

It's not only about having the right tools. These tool tips can show you when, where and how to use...

Hack Your Car Top Carrier: Loading Tips and Safety Smarts

Getting building materials home from the lumberyard or home center is easy if you own a pickup truck or a...

Upgrade Your Motorcycle Safety Gear

We talked to helmet, glove, boot and clothing gear manufacturers to get the scoop on new gear as well as...

Fix a Flat Survival Guide

Got a flat tire? You'll survive.

What to do If

Expert advice on what to do if a dashboard warning light appears, plus how to prepare for and prevent other...