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From books and family pics to shoes and power tools – here’s how to buy or DIY the right shelf for your space.

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    Kitchen Storage: Pull Out Pantry Shelves

    Pull out shelves changed my life—and pull out drawers for cabinets will change yours, too!

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    10 Best Living Room Shelving Ideas

    Not sure what to do with that blank wall? Living room shelves add storage and style. Read on for 10...

    Tips for Tighter Miters and Better Coped Joints

    New to construction? Want to brush up on your trim techniques? Check out this story.

    12 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

    Need more room for your stuff? Try these 12 genius solutions for creating storage space, including hidden shelves, shoe racks...

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    How to Make Your Own Built In Shelves

    Discover hidden storage space in your walls with these two built-in shelf projects.

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    Simple Workbench Plans

    With this workbench plan even a beginner can build a workbench strong enough to hold a V-8 engine!

    Small Workshop Storage Solutions

    Tips for getting more storage space out of your small workshop.

    17 Easiest Foods to Grow at Home

    Don't let by those picked-over supermarket shelves stress you. It's easier than you might think to grow fresh veggies and...

    How to Hang Shelves

    Add storage space the old-fashioned way with hanging shelves

    4 Weekend Kitchen Upgrades

    Do you want a kitchen refresh? A brighter, more user-friendly kitchen is just four weekends away.

    20 Amazing Storage Products from Harbor Freight

    Harbor Freight is a gold mine of affordable equipment for the DIY enthusiast. Here are 20 items that can help...

    DIY Wooden Garage Cabinets

    Inexpensive, enormous and surprisingly easy to build

    How to Build a Garden Shed Addition

    Plenty of storage for outdoor tools and toys, only a step away from your back door

    Light Bulb Guide: How to Choose LED Bulbs

    Shopped for light bulbs lately? If you have, you may have noticed that most bulbs sold now are LED (light...

    How to Lay Mosaic Tiles

    A handy guide to laying and setting mosaic tile from one of our most trusted tile experts. Plus, a quick...

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    What’s the Secret That Keeps Dollar Store Prices So Low?

    Ever wonder how a dollar store can turn a profit with such low prices? A lot of it has to...

    9 Ways You’re Not Organizing Your Fridge—Yet

    Check out these refrigerator organizing ideas to keep your food fresh and your shelves clean.

    Bookcase and Shelf Tips

    Building beautiful bookcases and shelving units doesn't have to be hard. Here are some of our favorite ways to simplify...

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    How to Install Edging for Plywood

    Tips for installing oak and hardwood edgings for plywood.

    How to Hang Glass Shelves for Bathroom Storage

    Most bathrooms have one space you can count on for additional storage, and that’s over the toilet. Open glass shelves...

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    Pro-Recommended Painting Products

    We're always on the lookout for stuff to help us do our painting jobs better and faster. We scour the...

    How to Line Drawers and Cabinets with Shelf Liners

    Choose the right liner and you'll never regret taking a few minutes to protect your shelves, your drawers and your...

    How to Build a Wall Shelf

    Build this homemade wall shelf before lunch—spray on the finish after dinner

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    DIY Box Shelves

    Build a bunch of these DIY square wall shelves for less than $100

    Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build Hexagon Shelves

    Build these modern shelves to spice up your living space and add a bit of storage.

    How to Build a Step Stool

    The versatile flip-flop stool just might become a permanent fixture in your bathroom, especially if you have kids.

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    12 Techie Amazon Prime Day Products We Bought Last Year

    After a bit of a delay, Prime Day 2020 is finally here. Check out five deals tech junkies will love!

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    Hang Artwork and Wall-hangings Straight and Level for a Gallery Wall

    With these four techniques, you can hang just about anything on your walls, and keep it there

    Custom Picture Shelves

    Picture shelves are the perfect marriage of beauty and function. They elegantly display your picture collections, large or small, and...