Doors don’t need to always shut people out. From screens and French style to interior and exterior, these door designs help create inviting spaces in your home.

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    Installing Weather Stripping & Door Sweeps

    Stop energy-wasting air leaks around entry doors by installing a weatherstripping kit with a foam flange or vinyl bulb.

    11 Design Rules You Should Never Break

    If you're looking to transform the look of a room or your entire home, it can be difficult to get...

    Repair a Doorbell: Fix a Dead or Broken Doorbell

    Finding the culprit takes some detective work.

    10 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $1,000

    Updating countertops, painting the exterior or upgrading an appliance are simple ways to add big value to your home.

    Toolipedia: Notched Trowel

    Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about notched trowels

    Which Exterior Renovation Adds the Most Value to a House?

    Not all exterior renovation projects are created equal. These are the ones that add the most value at resale.

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    Different Hinge Types and Where to Use Them

    Welcome to hinge-town! Its residents are a unique bunch that solve your door-hanging dilemmas. Use this guide to meet them...

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    Everything You Need to Know About Butt Hinges

    Why are butt hinges so often the go-to choice for doors? It's not just cost!

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    Everything to Know About Piano Hinges

    Add piano hinges to your playlist of woodworking hardware. Here's when and how to use them.

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    Everything to Know About Pivot Hinges

    Find out how pivot hinges can put the swing in your home's doors, from cabinets to kitchens.

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    Everything to Know About Knife Hinges

    Knife hinges nearly disappear from view, allowing the cabinet itself to be the center of attention.

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    Everything to Know About Ball Bearing Hinges

    Learn about what makes ball bearing hinges the silent workhorses of the hinge world and how you might want to...

    Everything to Know About Concealed Hinges

    Beautiful and useful, here's how you can add some concealed-hinge magic to your home.

    Everything to Know About the Heavy-Duty Hinge

    Because an entry door can be quite heavy (as can a gate), you'll likely need heavy-duty hinges to hang it....

    How to Lay Mosaic Tiles

    A handy guide to laying and setting mosaic tile from one of our most trusted tile experts. Plus, a quick...

    What You Need to Know About Exterior French Doors

    French doors remain a popular design choice for the very reason they were born: They transcend function to become a...

    What are Retractable Screens?

    What are Retractable Screens?

    Left-Hand Door vs Right-Hand Door

    The easy way to identify a right- and left-hand door.

    10 Modern Front Doors We are Loving Right Now

    Front doors can change the look of your home's exterior and up your curb appeal. Here's a look at 10...

    Front Door Wreaths for Every Season

    Spruce up your entryway each season with these DIY front door wreaths.

    Things You Can Do With a Reclaimed Barn Door

    A reclaimed barn door can be more than a functional addition to your home—it can also help enhance your decor...

    Tips for Hanging Doors

    These seven pro tips will help you hang doors faster and better.

    What is a Pocket Door?

    When it comes to saving space, pocket doors are loved by designers, builders and homeowners alike. Pocket doors are hung...

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    How to Repair Rotted Wood

    Rebuild and restore rotted wood without replacing it.

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    How to Lubricate a Lock in a Pinch

    Simply rub the teeth of the key with a sharp pencil until the surface is covered with graphite. Don’t be...

    Hollow Door Fix: New Bottom for Hollow Core Doors

    The next time you have to shorten a hollow-core door, try replacing the bottom rail with expanding foam instead of...

    15 Stunning Front Doors

    An inviting front door will improve your home's curb appeal, whether you're ready to sell or planning to stay. If...

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    How to Replace an Interior Door

    Upgrade your interior spaces by replacing hollow-core doors with sturdy, sound-reducing solid-core new interior doors. In this article we’ll show...

    How to Remove a Door

    Remove a door quickly and easily, without chipping or denting the door or trim

    How to Install a Deadbolt Lock

    Keep unwanted guests from coming through your doors