Doors don’t need to always shut people out. From screens and French style to interior and exterior, these door designs help create inviting spaces in your home.

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Adjusting a Door Striker Plate

A few minutes with a file will make your door latch perfectly

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Garage Door Weatherstripping

Doorstop is made with built-in weatherstripping, specifically for garage doors. Learn how to do garage door weather stripping.

Troubleshooting a Sticky Sliding Patio Door

Need a bodybuilder to get your sliding patio door open? Over time, dirt and grime buildup and faulty rollers can...

Secure Your Sliding Door With Vinyl Fence Picket

Lock up your sliding glass door and make it look good

See-Through Door Protector

Protect your doors from your dog’s claws with a sheet of plastic.

Door Painting Helper

Paint both sides of a door at once with this nifty trick.

A Squeaky Clean Hinge Fix

Protect the finish of the wood while fixing a squeaky hinge

How to Shim Gapping Doors

Learn how to fix your gapping doors!

13 Basic Home Improvement Skills DIYers Must Know

Save yourself from numerous problems at home by memorizing these hacks.

New Doors Make a Difference

Whether you’re building a new home or simply updating your present living space, upgrading to better doors always pays off....

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How to Make a Privacy Screen with Salvaged Closet Doors

Find a few closet doors or tall shutters at your local salvage yard and turn them into a unique, vintage-style...

How to Remove a Pocket Door

Need to get a pocket door out of your wall without damaging it? Here's how.

How to Adjust Bypass Closet Doors

Eliminate uneven gaps and sticking problems in 15 minutes

How to Fix a Rattling Door

Easy solutions for a rattling door

How to Rebuild a Garage Door Opener

Replace the gears and save the cost of a new opener

How to Fix Hinge Screws

Get your door back into the swing of things.

Steel Door Repair: Repair a Dented Steel Door

Use auto body filler for an invisible door repair

Lengthening an Interior Wood Door

Make carpenter magic happen!

How to Fix a Bifold Door

Tricks for tuning up a sagging bifold

Fix a Storm Door Closer

Create a rock-solid, crack-proof door frame for your storm door closer

How to Repair Interior Doors

Simple solutions to the four most common door problems

12 Best Curb Appeal Ideas for Any Budget

Whether you're putting your house on the market soon or simply want to make the exterior as beautiful and welcoming...

Install Mosaic Tile

In some ways, setting mosaic tile is just like setting any other tile. But because the individual tiles are small...

Garage Door Openers: How To Choose a New One

Check out this helpful list of things to consider when buying a new garage door opener.

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Left-Hand Door vs Right-Hand Door

The easy way to identify a right- and left-hand door.