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    10 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $1,000

    Updating countertops, painting the exterior or upgrading an appliance are simple ways to add big value to your home.

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    11 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas to Save Space

    Hunting for small bedroom storage ideas? If you're lacking space ā€” but not creativity ā€” check out these 11 tiny...

    12 Master Bedroom Color Combos We Love

    Finding the perfect palette for your sleep sanctuary has never been easier. Check out the master bedroom color combinations that...

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    10 Ideas for Painting a Boy’s Bedroom

    Traditional to modern, action-packed to Zen. Check out these 10 boy's bedroom paint ideas and choose the one that best...

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    How to Organize a Small Bedroom to Maximize Space

    Here's our expert advice for decluttering your small bedroom space and keeping it organized.

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    10 Super-Cool Ideas for Painting a Girl’s Bedroom

    Color, pattern, details and more. Check out these easy girl's room paint ideas to make your child's room as unique...

    Want Better Sleep? Check Out IKEA’s Nationwide After Dark Sleep Festival

    Head to IKEA this weekend and learn how to take back control of your sleep.

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    How to Design a Gender-Neutral Nursery

    Looking for fresh ideas for your baby's nursery? We curated a list of ways to focus on design and inspiration...

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    10 Storage Beds That Are Just as Stylish as They Are Useful

    Storage might not always be synonymous with style, but it is possible. Elegant solutions to space-saving and organization exist, right...

    12 Beautiful Ways to Transform Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but its not too late to transform your bedroom into the room of your dreams....

    Create the Ultimate Sleeping Room

    Bedroom upgrades for better sleep. Here are 15 tips from a sleep expert to help you get the Zā€™s you...

    Flooring Ideas for the Bedroom

    These bedroom flooring ideas help you decide what flooring is best for your bedroom.

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    Why You Need to Replace Your Mattress Sooner Than 7 Years

    Find out the reasons why you should replace a mattress sooner than every seven years.

    What Does a Mattress Warranty Cover?

    The mattress warranty is an important consideration as you shop for a new mattress.

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    10 Kids Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

    Yes, it is possible for a child's small bedroom to be tidy and uncluttered. The trick is to be thoughtful...

    How to Keep Your Pillows from Getting Misshapen

    Fix your lumpy pillow problem and finally get a good night's sleep.

    Genius Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

    Whether it's a child's room, guest room or even a master bedroom, small rooms can be a challenge when it...

    The Easiest Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    It seems like no one really knows how to fold a fitted sheet, so we asked some experts who claimed...

    14 Dreamy DIY Headboard Ideas

    Your bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, where you can relax at the end of a long day and...

    Kids Room Ideas That’ll Give You Instant Inspiration!

    Before your kiddo takes over decorating their room and adorns their walls with the latest posters from Teen Beat magazine...

    Ultimate Bedding Buyer’s Guide for 2019

    We've seen it all, and now we're ready to recommend the cream of the crop. These bedding products will make...

    Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build A Collapsible Dog Ramp

    This simple dog ramp collapses down to a compact size that fits easily under a bed or sofa or inside...

    Saturday Morning Workshop: Modern Floating Headboard

    Build this modern headboard with floating storage cubbies in less than a day and with one sheet of plywood!

    12 Walk-In Closets to Die For

    Who wouldn't want customized closet shelving, space for all of your shoes and boots, plus the added convenience of a...

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    14 of the Coolest Bunk Beds You Can Buy Today

    Want to save space in the kids' bedroom or loft area? Check out these cool bunk beds available in a...

    12 Ingenious Bedroom Furniture Ideas

    When it comes to bedroom furniture, you don't have to play by the rules. Whether you need to save some...

    10 Awesome DIY Platform Bed Designs

    Are you interested in building your own DIY platform bed frame? These platform beds range from ultra-simple to innovative, so...

    11 Great DIY Bed Frame Plans and Ideas

    From the liveliest toddler to the most sedate senior, these DIY bed plans have the perfect bed for everyone.

    Under Bed Storage Box

    Take advantage of unused storage space for $60

    21 Bunk Bed Ideas for Instant Inspiration!

    Fan Spotlight: These Family Handyman readers put their woodworking and carpentry skills to good use, designing fun and functional bunk...