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Design your home office to be functional and fun with these furniture ideas and aesthetic solutions.

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    15 Easy Home Office Organization Ideas

    Designate a space in your home for an office and try these organizational ideas to keep the clutter low and the productivity high!

    5 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose a Kitchen Desk Space

    A trend of the past, the kitchen desk space has worn out its appeal. Not quite big enough to call...

    32 Home Upgrades That Are a Huge Waste of Money

    Home upgrades come in different shapes and sizes. Converting an extra bedroom into a home office may be just as...

    The 20 Dirtiest Jobs in the World

    Your desk job won't sound so bad after seeing these dirty jobs.

    Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build Industrial Bookends

    Build these industrial bookends to spice up your bookshelf or desk and learn a cool hardware "aging" tip, too.

    28 Ways to Repurpose Office Supplies at Home

    Learn how to reuse common office supplies such as paper clips, dry erase markers, etc., around your home. You won't...

    5 Simple Fixes for Wire Messes at Home

    Does that nest of wires on your desk have you on edge? Unfortunately, cords and wires are a part of...

    How to Waterproof Your Mail

    Ensure your mail get to the right place with this easy waterproofing tip.

    10 Pieces of Furniture with Hidden Compartments

    If you're looking to keep clutter at bay, you're in good company. Here are 10 pieces of furniture with hidden...

    10 Reading Nook Ideas

    Open a book in these unique and cozy reading nooks!

    Reader Project: Trash to Treasure Desk

    One night while Katie Forbes was out walking her dog, she found this cream and gold desk, with two broken...

    10 Easy DIYs for a Home Office

    It doesn't take long for a home office to become cluttered, here are 10 easy DIYs to make your home...

    Reader Project: Vintage Office Chair Goes From Trash to Treasure

     Carla Phillips loved her vintage oak office chair, but the base was broken and it was the wrong height for...

    Quick Smartphone Speaker

    Use a small piece of pottery or a bowl to amplify the sound produced by your smartphone. You can create...

    Scrap Wood Computer Shelf

    Make this simple-yet-useful computer shelf for your desk with a few pieces of scrap wood and a nail gun. We...

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    Concrete Air Plant Planter

    This modern desktop planter is perfect for low-maintenance air plants—and it only takes a few quick steps to complete.

    Easy-to-Build DIY Mail Organizer

    Repurpose an out-of-date accordion closet door and turn it into a central command center for your home. No more piles...

    Faster Computer Back Up

    Get faster backups with your desktop computer

    How to Replace a Hard Drive

    Save your laptop—and your data

    Organization: The Closet

    Organize any closet with these easy-to-build boxes

    Simple Modern Computer Desk

    Two days plus two sheets of plywood equals one new computer desk

    How to Build a Home Office

    Stock cabinets, a cord organizer, and custom-built tops and shelves keep everything in order

    How to Build Shelves From Dowels

    I needed a way to clear the clutter off my desk, so I came up with a shelving system made...