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10 Awesome Garden Arbor and Trellis Projects

Build these awesome garden structures to spice up your yard!

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FH04MAR_05047_047-2Family Handyman

Timber Frame Garden Arbor

This timber garden arbor can be your place to get away for a quiet retreat or a delightful lawn sculpture that you gaze at through your kitchen window.

Does this seem a little to complicated? Try this simple timber bench.

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FH13MAY_GARARB_01-2Family Handyman

Pergola-Style Arbor

You can build this stylish, arched garden arbor with a swing in only a couple of days—it’s way easier than it looks.

Want to build an outdoor storage bench for your garden? Try this padded option.

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FH16JAU_TRELIS_01-3Family Handyman

Cedar and Copper Trellis Design

Climbing plants like vines and roses lend a lot of charm to an ordinary garden, especially when they’re winding up a trellis as stunning as this one. And its character just grows richer as the wood turns gray and the copper develops a beautiful green patina.

Click here for 10 more things you can make with copper.

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FH08MAR_SUMSHA_01-3Family Handyman

Arbor with Built-in Benches

Build this simple seating/planter/arbor project to create a quiet, private space in your yard or on a deck. It provides shade and comfort as well as a welcome screen from neighbors. You can install it on an existing patio or build it on your deck.

Don’t like this trellis design? Try this privacy wall with moveable planters instead!

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garden archway trellis rebarFamily Handyman

Garden Archway

You can make this metal garden arch trellis from just $25 of steel rebar. And you won’t have to weld a thing. We’ll show you how to bend the arches and attach the decorative circles with wire. When you’re done, cover it with climbing plants for an attractive addition to your garden.

Check out this raised planter project straight from the Family Handyman magazine.

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Garden Arbor

Don’t be put off by all those difficult-looking curves and arches; this arbor was designed with simplicity in mind. If you have a drill, a jigsaw and a circular saw—and some experience using them—you can build this arbor in two or three weekends. And instead of dragging all those tools out into your yard, you can build it right in your garage.

Do you want to build something a little more difficult? Check out this Post and Beam Pavilion.

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Bend Saplings into a Beautiful Backyard Arbor

This is an ambitious arbor to create, but you can also just build one of the sides for a great-looking trellis. Here, we’ll walk you through how to handle some of the trickier parts.

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Copper Trellis

Build a unique, natural-looking garden trellis for your climbing flowers and vines using standard copper water pipe. This long-lasting copper trellis is made entirely from 1/2-in. and 3/4-in. copper pipe soldered into a repeating ladder pattern. Copy our design, or create your own using the techniques we show here.

Looking for a porch trellis? Try this one out.

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build a garden archFamily Handyman

Garden Arch

This classic garden arch has just six parts and can be built in less than a day. Create a gateway, frame a walkway in a hedge, or make it part of a trellis or pergola.

After you finish this project, try this garden hutch that is perfect for all your outdoor tools.

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FH10JAU_BAMBOO_01-3Family Handyman

Building With Bamboo: Planter and Trellis

Bring plants and flowers to your deck or patio with this handsome, but easy-to-build planter and trellis. And use it as a privacy screen as well. Materials cost about $100 and you can build it in a weekend.

Bamboo is incredibly fun to work with. Try this water feature if this planter doesn’t catch your eye.