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10 Awesome Hammer Hacks

You can use a hammer to pound nails, but there's so much more you can do, too! Check out these great hammer hacks!

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Measuring StickFamily Handyman

Measuring Stick

If you can remember the length of your hammer then it can be a handy measuring device in a pinch. We've got more measuring tips and tricks where that came from!
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Weapon of Mass DestructionFamily Handyman

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Ripping hammers are great for tearing down drywall, especially long-handled framing models. Learn other out of the ordinary uses for tools.
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Caulking Gun for AirheadsFamily Handyman

Caulking Gun for Airheads

The hammer handle makes a decent (well, adequate) caulking plunger when you really need a dab or two. The debate continues: Should you caulk your toilet to the floor?
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LifesaverFamily Handyman


Say you find yourself sliding down the sheathing of a new roof. On your way to the precipice, you have the presence of mind to pull out your hammer and slam the claw through the plywood to arrest your fall. Sound farfetched? There are people who have pulled off this stunt. Of course, if they had any brains, they wouldn’t have been in that slippery situation in the first place. Learn how to roof a house properly to prevent any chance of falls.
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Blade StraightenerFamily Handyman

Blade Straightener

Bend those out-of-shape blades on a reciprocating saw back to an almost-straight condition. Straighten it out with the claw or you could also lay the blade flat on a 2×4 and beat it. Learn the many uses for a reciprocating saw.
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Hole DiggerFamily Handyman

Hole Digger

Excavate shallow holes quickly and efficiently in the toughest soil with the claw of a hammer. Learn how to dig a hole expertly so you don't have to resort to a hammer.
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With winters in snowy areas comes ice dams, sometimes monster ice dams. The rip claw is often perfect for the job to break up dams that were the size of bathtubs. It’s just the right tool to chunk up the bergs without wrecking the roof. See how to prevent ice dams if you deal with them.
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Back Scratcherptnphoto/Shutterstock

Back Scratcher

At the end of the day, a hammer can help scratch that itch you've been feeling all day. Just be careful to not dig too deep. Use a hammer to help break up concrete.
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Hammers are great for putting dimples into metal and any smaller metal bending work. Discover the art of toenailing so you drive an angled nail perfectly every time.