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9 Best Patio Ideas for Small Spaces

You don't need a lot of space to make a statement, just check out these inspiring patio ideas for small spaces.

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Hidden Storage

Maximize your small patio designs space with hidden storage. Purchase a patio bench or table that doubles as a place for storing extra pillows, throws or even gardening tools.

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Outdoor Rugs

If you don’t have a lot of room to decorate with multiple pieces of decor, add a brilliant splash of color with an outdoor rug.

Check out these eye-catching small patio designs for more inspiration.

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Collapsible Furniture

Nothing screams small patio designs like collapsible furniture. A foldable table is the ideal way to save space.

You can even grill on your small patio with this fold-up grill table.

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Potted Plants on Wall

If you want to surround yourself with plants while you read a book on your patio but don’t have the floor space for the pots, grow vertically! The sky is the limit, literally. Simply fasten some potted plants to a wall or fence.

Make your wall colorful! Check out these 14 inspiring DIY flower walls.

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Vertical Garden Privacy Screen

Just because your patio hugs the neighbor’s house or looks out onto the street doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of privacy. Simply decorate a privacy screen with vines or lush plants.

Also check out how to build your own patio privacy screen.

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Table Terrarium

If the only thing your small patio designs really have room for is a table and chairs, but you want some greenery, simply combine your needs with a terrarium coffee table. Martha Stewart has a great DIY project for you to follow.

Check out these 12 tips for making a DIY terrarium.

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Fire Pit Table

Want an outdoor fire pit and a table to sit at? Combine your needs for two small patio ideas in one with a fire pit that converts into a square patio table.

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Convertible Bench

It’s a bench, a 2-seat bench, a table, a love seat and even a chair with an end table, all in one piece of furniture! That’s an efficient use of space.

If you prefer a classic garden bench, here’s how to build one.

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Patio Mirror

Mirrors are a simple statement piece that can help to create the illusion of a bigger area.

Here’s how to hang a heavy mirror.

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