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10 Clever PVC Hacks

You know PVC when it comes to plumbing, but what about using it to organize your space and build furniture? Here are 10 project ideas that feature PVC pipe.

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Dog Beds

This durable, easy-to-clean dog bed is suitable for indoor or outdoor puppy lounging. The manufacturer says this bed, “Provides firm, even support no pillow or cushion can match.”

Here are 11 awesome DIY cat furniture ideas you can try.

Photo: Courtesy of Kuranda Dog & Cat Beds

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pvc knife holderFamily Handyman

2 Knife Holder

Get ready for your upcoming camping trip by making a knife holder from PVC pipe. The pipe will help prevent cuts and injuries from packed knife blades. Then just glue a cap on the end with an “X” to know what side you need to open.

Learn how to glue and join PVC pipe.

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fishing rod pvc organizer Family Handyman

Fishing Rod Organizer

When you get tired of all those reels and lines getting tangled, use PVC pipe to make a fishing rod organizer. You’ll need some 3-inch diameter PVC and a foam swimming pool noodle. Drill 1-inch holes in the PVC pipe that are spaced about 4 inches apart. Then use a utility knife to cut slits in the pool noodle, spacing them 4 inches apart. Line up the noodle on the wall so two of the slits sit over studs. Pull those slits apart, slide in a fender washer and screw the noodle to the wall with 2-inch screws. Then all you have to do is screw the PVC to the wall beneath it and insert your fishing rods.

Need more ways to organize your garage? Here are 51 ideas.

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Bike Rack

Use PVC pipe to build a bike rack. Perfect for a corner of the garage, this DIYer used PVC to make a bike rack that holds five bikes upright. Depending on your bike wheel specifications, you can modify dimensions so they all fit snugly.

You can also build a wall-mounted bike rack with storage.

Courtesy of Quinnatotor via Reddit

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Fish House

This DIYer used a cut piece of PVC pipe to add to the fish tank. If your fish tank is large enough, try connecting some PVC pipe to make tunnels and “homes” for your fish.

Try using an old coffee pot as a dual-purpose fish tank and planter.

Courtesy of bluepenguine12 via Reddit

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computer cordsPreechaB/Shutterstock

Hide Cords

Help keep your home office space organized by using PVC pipe to hide cords. Just wrangle all those computer, mouse, monitor and phone cords and hide them in some PVC pipe. You can even use some colorful tape to match your office décor.

Try these 10 easy DIYs for a home office.

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pvc tool organization

Workbench Organization

Organize your workbench with PVC pipe. Just saw off some short pieces of PVC with 45-degree angles on one end. Then screw the end to a peg board.

Here are 11 ideas and tips for using pegboard around your home.

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FH14JAU_550_08_006 gift wrap pvc pipe storageFamily Handyman

Wrapping Paper Organizer

Keep rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon handy, dust-free and unwrinkled. Just glue a bunch of 30-inch-long pieces of 3-inch PVC pipe with all-purpose PVC glue. This rack can sit on your craft table or you can store it underneath or in a closet.

Here’s a collection of other nifty DIY gift wrap hints and tips.

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2-in-1 tarp storage bungee cord pvc pipeFamily Handyman

Tarp and Bungee Cord Storage

If you use large tarps and bungee cords to protect ATVs or other equipment from the weather, you’ll love this tip. When they’re not in use, store the tarps on lengths of 2-inch PVC pipe with two PVC end caps. Stick a cap on one end, put the bungee cords inside the pipe, snug on the top cap and roll the tarp around the length of pipe. Everything stays orderly, and it’s a lot easier to roll a tarp around the pipe than to try to fold it.

Need to install a tarp grommet? Here’s how.

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Bat and Ball Holder

With the downloadable plan from The Tinker Shop, and about $15 in materials, you can make this nifty PVC bat and ball holder.

Check out more sports equipment storage hacks here.

Photo: Courtesy of The Tinker Shop/Etsy

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Towel Drying Rack

Need a place to dry all of those wet towels, swimming suits and life jackets? This sturdy PVC rack has room for everything and you can place it where you need it—alongside the backyard pool or near your cabin or summer home. Hang clean dry towels on the rack and when everyone jumps out of the pool, all they have to do is grab one!

Photo: Courtesy of TowelMaid/Etsy

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