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10 Cool Cookie Jars for Kids and Adults

Cookie jars preserve a household's special treats, so be sure you have the best option for your needs. From cute to practical, we rounded up 10 of our favorite cookie jars.

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Fresh and Homemade Cookie Jar

This fresh and homemade cookie jar holds yummy cookies or treats that will tempt all children, even the grown-up ones. Inspired by the classic style of a cookie jar and paired with the vintage label, this container is perfect for displaying on your countertops.

This cookie jar can accommodate 10-1/2-cups of your sweet treat needs. An airtight lid keeps your cookies and other baked treats fresh and ready to eat.

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Scooby Snacks Box Cookie Jar

What would YOU do for a Scooby snack? This tasty treat was used many a time by Fred, Daphne and Velma to coax their cowardly companions, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, into chasing after ghosts and ghouls.

Use this Scooby snack cookie jar to coax your little ones to do chores around your home, and of course to store your favorite treats.

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Set of Two Cookie Jars

These glass cookie jars with lids are a stylish and functional way to freshly store and display cookies on countertops, pantries, and coffee tables, encouraging guests to treat themselves to a delicious snack.

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Harry Potter Cauldron Cookie Jar

Show off your love for Harry Potter with this cauldron cookie jar. Made from high quality ceramic, it features an airtight seal to keep all your baked goodies fresh.

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Mr. Potato Head Cookie Jar

Mr. Potato Head, a beloved American classic toy, is now a cookie jar. Not only can you put cookies in this Mr. Potato Head cookie jar but you can also take apart the pieces on the outside and change his look!

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Honey Bee Cookie Jar

This beautiful piece is sure to bring some added flair to your kitchen. Made of dolomite, this beehive cookie jar is the perfect addition to your cozy home.

Do you love bees? Check out these backyard beekeeping tips.

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Vintage Tin Cookie Jar

Relish your beloved baked treats and stow them away with this tin cookie jar. Whether home-baked or store bought, your favorite cookies and your kitchen will look great with this classic tin cookie jar. Fill the 4.2-liter capacity to the brim with a batch of your favorite sweet treats.

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Frozen Olaf Cookie Jar

Does your little one love Frozen and have a sweet tooth? Then they will surely get a kick out of this Olaf cookie jar! It’s crafted from high-quality ceramic with a silicone freshness seal. 

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Glass Storage Jars With Lids

With their sleek look, these cookie jars look great on display in your kitchen and provide your guests with easy and accessible treats.

The 1/2-gallon capacity of these jars ensures you have enough space for your goods along with the convenience of storing them in your pantry.

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Toby the Toad Cookie Jar

Hopping straight from a lily pad right into your kitchen, this ceramic hand-painted toad cookie jar will surely delight! Cookies and goodies inside remain fresh thanks to the sturdy ceramic lid.

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