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10 Easy DIYs for a Home Office

It doesn't take long for a home office to become cluttered, here are 10 easy DIYs to make your home office space more organized.

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Items in desk drawer home officeRobert Elias/Shutterstock

Use Small Containers and Drawers

Get some small containers or have a drawer dedicated to store all those loose things on your desk such as paper clips, pencils and small notepads. This will help your desk surface stay clean and uncluttered.

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computer cordsPreechaB/Shutterstock

Hide Cords

All those computer, monitor, phone and printer cables can get out of hand quickly. Wrangle all those cords and hide them. You can feed cords through a hole in the back of your desk, use binder clips to keep them in place and out of sight or even hide them in some PVC pipe covered with colorful tape.

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bills mailAlex Hinds/Shutterstock

Have a Mail Station

If you haven’t gone paperless, make sure you have a place to collect your mail. Use a folder system or bins for incoming and outgoing so you can stay on track of invoices and bills.

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install shelves in home officeAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Install Shelves

Make sure you have some functional shelves in your home office to keep books, binders and folders. Add a small plant or some flowers to bring some pleasant color to the room.

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Keep Like Materials Together

If you have a lot of books, gather them in one spot for a less messy home office. Same goes for folders, files and binders. This will help you determine how much space you need for each group of items. When you see all the things you’ve accumulated, determine if there are things you can toss.

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Use Color for Organization

Color-coded folders and labels will make it easier to find the document you need. Assign colors to various topics or projects to help stay organized.

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scrap wood computer shelf

Get Your Monitor at the Right Height

Make sure you’re not straining your back or neck when looking at the computer monitor. A monitor stand will ensure your screen is at the right eye level for you and you can slide your keyboard underneath when not using it.

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office space everything on wheelsYoska/Shutterstock

Add Wheels

Wheels on the bottom of your office furniture may seem unnecessary but they will make life easier. Add wheels to your office chair (if it doesn’t have them already), along with your desk and file cabinet. This will make it easier to move them for cleaning and rearranging.

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A Fully Enclosed Workspace

Be Creative with Space

If you have a small space and need more storage, get creative. Install some hooks with bins on the back of the door for small items or keep folders on a shelf above your desk. If the room has a closet, consider moving your desk there.

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Clean Regularly

Make sure your office has a handy trash can and don’t be afraid to use it. Once a week, take 10 minutes to go through the office and toss anything you no longer need, including pens that no longer work, outdated documents and files, along with any trash you may have left behind during the week.

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