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10 Fall Projects for Your Lawn and Garden

Taking a little time in the fall to do work in and around your lawn and garden can pay off big next spring.

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Mulch Your LeavesMeryll/Shutterstock

Mulch Your Leaves

Instead of raking your leaves into bags this fall, mow them with a mulching mower (a mower with a specially designed high deck). This chops the leaves into confetti, which acts as a natural fertilizer and weed control agent when left to decompose. Mulch can also help your garden in a variety of ways.
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Plant BulbsOlgaPonomarenko/Shutterstock

Plant Bulbs

It may seem like an odd time to start thinking about next year's flowers in the fall, but most garden bulbs that bloom in the spring should be planted now. If you're new to gardening, here are tips for easier gardening.
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Clean the GuttersRadovan1/Shutterstock

Clean the Gutters

Don't forget to check the gutters. During a downpour, a clogged roof gutter can send water down the side of your house and can not only wash out your landscaping, but saturate your home's foundation. Do your gutters need a little work? Here are some easy gutter fixes.
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Feed Your LawnND700/Shutterstock

Feed Your Lawn

Feeding your lawn in the early fall and then again six to eight weeks later helps your lawn rebuild grass roots that may have been damaged during a hot and dry summer. Learn how to fertilize your lawn.
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Get Some Seed Downtimages/Shutterstock

Get Some Seed Down

If you've noticed patches of dead grass in your yard, address the issue now. Seeding can fix small problem areas. However, if your lawn has significant dead spots, sodding may be a better option. Learn tips for reseeding your lawn.
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Aerate Your YardAigars Reinholds/Shutterstock

Aerate Your Yard

Fall is a great time to aerate your yard, which allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to more easily reach grass roots. This will help your lawn grow back thicker and fuller next year. See how aerating can help revive your thinning lawn.
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Plant Shrubs and BushesLianeM/Shutterstock

Plant Shrubs and Bushes

By planting more hardy plants (such as shrubs and bushes) in fall, it helps the plant's roots to get established before winter. Not sure what kind of shrubs to plant? Here are 11 Sparkling Shrubs for Today's Yard.
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Protect Tender PerennialsSeregam/Shutterstock

Protect Tender Perennials

If you have a favorite perennial you feel needs a little protection from the harsh winter, try wrapping the plant in burlap. Wrap the material around the plant a couple times, being careful to avoid breakage. Once the plant is covered, a loop or two of twine will hold everything in place.
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Store Your HosesUlf Wittrock/Shutterstock

Store Your Hoses

Locate all outside hoses and drain them for storage. Be sure to remove splitters or any other items from each outdoor faucet. If your hoses need to be replaced, this hose guide can help you find the best one for your needs.
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Tackle WeedsRob Bayer/Shutterstock

Tackle Weeds

Now is the time to tackle weeds. Apply a herbicide and the weeds should stay away once spring comes. Be sure to read the label before applying, as most herbicide manufactures recommend applying weed killer during the fall when daytime temperatures are still consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow these tips for a weed-free yard.

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