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10 Floors You Won’t Believe Are Tile

Tile is a staple for bathroom and kitchen floors, but the possibilities when it comes to tiling are endless. From tile that looks like hardwood to unique tile layouts, here are 10 floors you won't believe are tile.

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wood tile

Wood Tile

This unique tiling design brings a rustic look to the living room. Wood tile, which is ceramic tile designed to look like wood, is easy to clean, moisture resistant and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Photo: Courtesy of Imperial Wholesale

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quilt tile

Patterned Tile

When combined, these colorful tiles give the room a patchwork feel. Patterned tiles will be everywhere in 2018, so try adding some in your dining room or entryway for an on-trend look.

Photo: Courtesy of Equipe

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Porcelain Stoneware Tile

Porcelain Stoneware Tile

For a sleek, classic look, try large tiles in a living room or bathroom. These large glossy tiles are inspired by the look of natural marble.

Photo: Courtesy of Marazzi

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herring bone pattern wood tile

Wood Plank Tile

These porcelain tiles look like wood planks arranged in a chevron pattern for a modern look. These tiles are a good choice for areas of the home where you want the look of hardwood, but need a material to stand up to heavy traffic.

Photo: Courtesy of Horizon Italian Tile

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moroccan - tiles

Stone Tile

If you have an enclosed patio or area of the home that opens up to the outside, try stone tile in a fun design. This arrangement features tiles, in contrasting patterns, installed so they could be mistaken for rugs.

Photo: Courtesy of Popham Design

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green gray white tile

Thin Rectangular Tile

Here’s a look that when installed correctly, is a work of art and almost looks like custom carpeting. Try using tiles in a mix of colors for a similar look in a bathroom or living area.

Photo: Courtesy of The Georgia Pear

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pixilated tile

Mosaic Tiles

Give new life to the classic black and white look with glass mosaic tiles. This bathroom is covered in black and white tiles in an unexpected pattern for a one-of-a-kind look.

Photo: Courtesy of Freshome

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vinyl tile

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring stands up well to heavy traffic and can help reduce noise, making it a good choice for families with children and pets. These vinyl tiles are arranged in a chevron pattern, giving the room a modern look.

Photo: Courtesy of Jigsaw Design

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colorful tile

Colorful Tiles

The bathroom in this home is covered with colorful tiles to create a playful atmosphere. Using tiles on the floor, around the bathtub and even on the wall makes cleaning a snap.

Photo: Courtesy of Curbed

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brick floor tile kitchen

Brick Tiles

Bring a Mediterranean feel to your home with brick tiles. The tiles shown here are veneer or “thin brick.” They hide dirt and stand up well in heavy traffic areas.

Photo: Courtesy of Morning Star Builders

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