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10 Great DIY Ideas to Bring a Smile to Your Face for World Smile Day

Harvey Ball, the creator of the smiley face, started World Smile Day in 1999. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate World Smile Day.

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Put Together PlantersFamily Handyman

Put Together Planters

Although fall is the time to start bringing in plants you can always prep for next spring by putting together some planters as part of World Smile Day. These planters won’t take long to build and they’ll keep you smiling throughout the summer. Harvey Ball created the smiley face (no, Forrest Gump didn’t really facilitate him by stepping in a puddle of mud on his cross-country run) that’s now ubiquitous across the globe in 1963 and started the first World Smile Day in 1999 because he grew concerned the original intention of the smiley face had diminished.
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Smile at the Sound of a Water FountainFamily Handyman

Smile at the Sound of a Water Fountain

Start a couple of days early so you have a new water feature ready to go for World Smile Day. It’ll give you something to cherish in your backyard for years to come and allow you to grin with pride. The smiley face was intended to be non-political, have no geography and have no religion.
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Dress up an old PlanterPhoto: Courtesy of Melina Gillies

Dress up an old Planter

If you’ve already got a planter around or want to do something funky with items lying around the house, dress them up by taking a look at these tips. A simple addition to a planter can make it something fun or an adventurous project if you incorporate old boots or worn blue jeans. Ball produced the smiley face design for State Mutual Life Assurance Company after it purchased Guarantee Mutual Company of Ohio in a merger. Employee morale drained and Ball was hired to come up with an image to boost morale. He got paid $45 for his work. Ball never applied for a trademark or copyright for the smiley face design. You can do each of these projects for far less than $45.
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Make Smiles out of Hardware

You’ve got that big bucket of old nuts, bolts, screws and washers just sitting there, make use of them and prove you don’t have a screw loose to hang onto that old bin by fashioning some smiles out of them. Give the manufactured smiles to children and get a genuine smile in return. World Smile Day raises money for the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation, which supports children’s causes. Photo: Courtesy of Werner Schnell
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Keep Your Smile in StyleFamily Handyman

Keep Your Smile in Style

Don’t forget about the elements that make a smile pleasant on World Smile Day. Take care of your teeth by making it easy to find everything you need for brushing and flossing. Make the routine no fuss, no muss with these clever storage ideas.
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Spruce up the Mailbox to Send out SmilesFamily Handyman

Spruce up the Mailbox to Send out Smiles

Sure sending an emoji smiley face is easy but make the gesture more meaningful by sending some through the mail. If your mailbox is looking sorry, brighten it up with a few of these quick fixes so you can bring a smile to the postal worker delivering your mail.
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Rake the YardFamily Handyman

Rake the Yard

Raking leaves in the fall is a chore for sure and someone has to do it. Do it for them and put a smile on their face. For added fun rake the leaves into a smiley face before picking them all up.
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Organize the Junk DrawerFamily Handyman

Organize the Junk Drawer

The catch-all junk drawer at home is great for throwing items out of the way. However, it’s terrible to sort through it when you need something (although it can generate a smile when you locate something you were looking for months ago). Stamp out the silly searching by organizing the junk drawer.
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Clean and Fill Bird Feeders

Clean and Fill Bird Feeders

Your fine-feathered friends won’t smile in your direction if you clean and fill your bird feeders but you probably won’t be able to hide your smile at the sight of a clean bird feeder. Besides birds of the same feather flock together and word of your clean dining establishment might spread to attract a more exotic crowd.
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Install a Kitchen Cabinet RolloutFamily Handyman

Install a Kitchen Cabinet Rollout

A shortage of storage space in kitchen cabinets would sour anyone in need of maximum stowaway room. Kitchen cabinet rollouts give additional capacity to cabinets and make it easier to find items so you can smile while you snack. Learn how to build your own rollouts for your kitchen with the help of the Family Handyman’s DIY University.