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10 Really Cool Pet Products You Can Buy on Amazon

If you love spoiling your four-legged friends with the latest and greatest stuff, keep reading. These are our favorite pet products for dogs and cats that you can buy online.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Luxury Cat Hammock Via Amazonvia

Luxury Cat Hammock

Hammocks for humans are popular, so why shouldn’t your kitty enjoy one, too?

One of our favorite pet products, this luxury cat hammock keeps your cat feeling relaxed and spoiled. It features a wood base with anchors to reduce swaying, making it the perfect nap spot for your pet. It even comes with a complimentary toy.

After treating your cat to special pet products like this hammock, don’t forget to treat the humans in your family with these odd but useful home products on Amazon.

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Doggy Car Seat

All dogs love looking out the window on a car ride, right? This dog car seat makes it so that even small dogs of 25 pounds or less can comfortably see out the window.

Its faux sheep-fur lining makes for a warm and comfortable seat, with a little extra height to help your dog see what you see while cruising down the road. Looking out the window can reduce dog car sickness, too. It also comes with a connection strap for the seat belt, so your pal will be safe and know he’s loved.

You can show your dog even more love with these DIY pet projects.

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Fish Kicker Toy Via Amazonvia

Fish Kicker Toy

If you find your cat always chasing down flies, crickets or even your feet, this kitty kicker toy is a must-have for legal feline entertainment. The realistic battery powered fish flops to entice your pet to grab, bite, and bunny-kick it. It can keep cats entertained for hours.

The built-in motion sensor makes the fish wiggle with every paw-touch, and an upgraded rechargeable battery offers longer play time. It’s made of durable plush cats love that stands up to tooth and claw punishment. It comes with catnip for added kitty enjoyment. It rates 4.1 stars on Amazon with more than 26,000 reviews.

You’ll love more of these Amazon deals that are totally worth it.

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Grooming Gloves Via Amazonvia

Grooming Gloves

We’re all guilty of forgetting to brush our furry friends sometimes. With these grooming gloves, it’s as convenient to brush your dog or cat as it is to pet them. The special material in these gloves catch the hairs, so you can dispose of them rather than make a mess.

The glove’s bristles also stimulate blood circulation and distribute your pet’s natural oils for a smoother, healthier coat. It’s safe for dogs, cats and even horses. Fur happens when you have pets, and these pet cleaning tips help keep the shedding and other pet messes under control.

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Kitty Heating Pad Via Amazonvia

Kitty Heating Pad

Any cat owner knows felines are notorious for falling asleep in that one small spot of sunlight on the carpet, up against a heating vent or any other warm place. But cats accept new beds slowly, and may not appreciate new pet products like a heated cat bed.

This heated kitty pad comes in three sizes and automatically warms to your cat’s normal body temperature (about 102 F). It’s waterproof so it works for outdoor areas, too. Slip it beneath your pet’s current favorite bed for instant acceptance and extra protection from accidental overheating.

You’ll also want to learn about these 11 household items that are hazardous for your pets.

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Gopro Harness For Your Dog Via Amazonvia

GoPro Harness for Your Dog

This GoPro harness is a perfect pet product gift for any outdoorsy dog lover. It securely mounts your GoPro camera on top of your dog’s back, capturing seriously cool footage from their point of view. These days even the pets have gone high-tech, and you’ll all enjoy these high-tech pet gadgets.

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Cat Tree Scratching Post Via Amazon 2via

Cat Tree Scratching Post

Keep your cats from destroying your furniture by giving them pet products they can scratch to their heart’s content. This three-tier cat tower includes sisal rope for scratching, plush carpet lounging areas and a dangling toy to bat around, too.

Cats often target houseplants to claw and bite. This cat tree offers a safe alternative and lots of vertical space. For cats who target houseplants, be sure you only keep these nontoxic plants that are safe for pets.

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Sling Carrier Via Amazonvia

Sling Carrier

There are sling carriers for babies, so why not something similar for small dogs? Oh wait, it exists! This doggy carrier comes in various colors and holds up to 12 pounds, so you can carry your puppy to the park hands-free. It’s well-loved on Amazon, with a 4.4-star average and more than 3,000 ratings.

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Pet Stroller Via Amazonvia

Pet Stroller

Cats may not like being on a cat leash, and senior canines with arthritis may object to walks. With this pet stroller, your cat or small dog can continue to enjoy your company while safely confined to the carrier.

The pet compartment expands to 35-in. x 16-in., and the quick assembly only requires you to snap on the front and rear wheels. There may be stroller pet products available elsewhere, too. Here’s what you should know before shopping online.

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Basepaws Cat Dna Test Kit Via Amazonvia

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

As seen on Shark Tank, you can now learn even more about your mysterious cat thanks to this innovative pet product. Wonder if there’s Maine Coon or Siamese in your feline’s genetic makeup?

More than that, this cat DNA test kit can predict 25 fun and exciting personality traits, identify 21 breed influences and dozens of potential health conditions so you can help prevent problems.

It’s easy to use, gives you fun insights into your pet and adds scientific knowledge about cats. Once you know more about your breed and its history, it might be time to purchase pet insurance.

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