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10 Space-Saving Ways to Trick Out Your Home

Make the most of your home with these smart, space-saving products.

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Collapsible Lift Dish Drying Rack

Dish drying racks can take up a lot of real estate, and prove to be a nuisance in the kitchen when counter space is limited. The Kohler Collapsible Lift Dish Drying Rack can easily be stored away in the cabinet when not in use, and features an open design that can fit a wide range of items in a small space, so you can dry big pans and delicate wine glasses. The collapsible utensil rack and folding wine glass rack are ingenious. To collapse the rack, you simply push a button! If you like fold-up things, check out this table.

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Magnetic Knife Holder Bar

A quality knife set is an essential for the home cook, but if you have a small kitchen, a clunky knife block is just in the way. That means storing your pricey knives in drawers, right? As any knife aficionado will tell you, that’s a recipe for dull knife disaster. Keep your knives in prime condition by getting the Wüsthof Magnetic Knife Holder Bar. The wall-mounted rack showcases your pretty knife collection without taking up valuable space on your counter or in your drawers. Prefer to DIY? Check out these 15 DIY magnetic strip hacks.

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Sound Bar

It’s time to sell your clunky stereo system and opt for something sleeker, that takes up less space and has premium sound quality. Is anything really better than Bose? The SoundTouch 300 offers topnotch performance in a minimal, one-piece soundbar design. Slide it right under your TV, and free up space for other necessities on your media center. Here’s how to soundproof a room.

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Octagonal Hanging Pot Rack

Using vertical space is a game changer for small homes. Install this octagonal stainless steel hanging pot rack to free up space in your cabinets for things that can’t easily be hung. Hanging your pots and pans on this attractive rack makes for sleek and attractive kitchen decor, while also allowing you to avoid shuffling around looking for your essential cooking tools. You should also check out this DIY overhead pots-and-pans storage rack.

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Stackable Washer and Dryer Set

Washers and dryers are bulky enough, so why not take advantage of the stackable options? Getting rid of your side-by-side set will give you more space in your laundry room for other essentials, like cleaning tools and a rack for organizing towels and storing folded laundry. This stacked washer and dryer set from GE Appliances has 12 wash cycles to suit different types of fabric. Have a small laundry room? These organization tips are all for you.

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Stackable Kitchen Tools

Have minimal cabinet space? That’s OK! The Nest 9 Plus by Joseph Joseph is a vibrant and unique kitchenware set that includes mixing bowls, measuring cups and a sieve and strainer that all stack together for the ultimate space-saving hack. Here are 30 more ways to revolutionize your kitchen space.

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Portable Ironing Mat

An ironing board is a bulky item that takes up valuable space in too small closets. But what if you could simply store your ironing board in a drawer? This portable ironing mat does just that, while also having weighted edges and being heat resistant, so you can use it on the floor, the bed, the countertop and more. Once you’ve freed up space in your closet, be sure to check out these other closet storage hacks.

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Kitchen Pegboard Holder

Where counter space is lacking, take advantage of vertical space and store things on the wall. This white metal kitchen pegboard holder is a unique way to put your favorite things on display. And you can get artistic with the placement of your kitchenware. Take a look at these 11 tips and ideas for organizing anything with pegboard.

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Fold-Out Convertible Desk

If you have a tiny space you want to convert into a home office, this fold-out convertible desk is for you. It’s mounted to the wall, and disappears into a simple cabinet when you’re not using it. Fold it down, pull out your laptop and get some work done! Check out these clever, easy DIY home office organization ideas.

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Back of Cabinet Doors

The back of your cabinet doors are a highly overlooked surface to utilize. Install this metal mesh bin on the inside of the cabinet and use it for cleaning supplies trash bags and more. Install one on the inside of the vanity cabinet under the sink in your bathroom to store your hair dryer, extra shampoo, conditioner and soaps. Here are more DIY cabinet door storage ideas you’re going to love.

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