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10 Surprising Kitchen Items You’re Not Buying at Home Depot—Yet

Think beyond countertops and faucets when shopping at Home Depot for your kitchen. The store offers a surprising variety of nifty gadgets, useful tools and chic decor.

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Silicone Kitchen Utensilsvia

Silicone Kitchen Utensils

This set of silicone kitchen utensils ($20) not only looks great displayed on your kitchen counter, but it’s also indestructible. The tools won’t melt, warp or flake into your food. And, we love the rustic wood handles that are wide and comfortable to grip. Have you heard of a silicone sponge?

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Reversible Griddle Grill Setvia

Reversible Griddle Grill Set

With this cast-iron reversible griddle grill set ($50), you can “fire up the grill” even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. One side works as an indoor grill pan, great for delicious grilled vegetables or juicy chicken. The reverse side is a griddle pan, perfect for making a stack of blueberry pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning. These are 9 things everyone who cooks on a griddle should own.

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Stainless Steel Box Grater with Containervia

Stainless Steel Box Grater with Container

We love that this stainless steel box grater ($18) comes with its own container for catching the cheese. It also measures and stores your freshly grated ingredients. When finished, simply close up the container with the included lid and pop it in the fridge. See how you can speed up cheese grating with power tools.

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Black Marble Utensil Holdervia

Marble Utensil Crock

Function meets decoration with this marble utensil crock ($30). The sleek black marble will add modern flair to any kitchen, while also keeping your everyday cooking utensils within reach.

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Tabletop Spiralizervia

Tabletop Spiralizer

The dinner possibilities are endless with this Good Grips tabletop spiralizer ($40). Use it to make zucchini noodles, spiral fruit garnishes, sweet potato curly fries and more. It includes three different blade options for spaghetti, fettuccine or ribbon cuts. And the suction cup on the bottom keeps it from slipping while you spiralize to your heart’s content!

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Ceramic Coated Color Knife Setvia

Ceramic Coated Color Knife Set

Have you ever seen such a cheerful set of knives? This colorful ceramic coated knife set ($29) includes six knives in a variety of sizes and blade guards for each one. The stainless steel cutting edges stay sharp longer, while the nonstick ceramic coating ensures the food slips smoothly off the knife as you slice and dice. Put those knives in one of these unique knife holders.

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Pedestal Fruit Bowlvia

Pedestal Fruit Bowl

There’s nothing like a bowl of fresh lemons to brighten up a kitchen. Use this beautiful marble pedestal bowl ($50) to display citrus, apples or other fruit. It keeps the fruit in a tidy container to display out on the counter, while also making it available for family members to grab a healthy snack on the go. Try these storage tricks like getting the fruit off the counter.

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Bluetooth Digital Food Thermometervia

Bluetooth Digital Food Thermometer

Cook your meat to the correct temperature for optimal flavor and safe eating with this smart digital food thermometer ($58). It’s controlled with a smartphone app that alerts you when a preset temperature is reached. It also comes with six different probes, perfect for a tailgate barbecue when you need to cook several different meats at the same time. Make sure you’re not making this mistake with your meat thermometer. 

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Ceramic Food Canistersvia

Ceramic Food Canisters

These cute numbered food canisters ($47) are perfect for keeping your favorite ingredients within reach. Use them to store flour, sugar, tea bags, candy or cookies. We love the number labels, durable ceramic material and the sculptural details that give them a handcrafted look. Try this container hack to keep those plastic lids civilized.

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Gourmet Fry Cuttervia

Gourmet Fry Cutter

Raise your hand if you love french fries! Now you can make your own at home with this affordable gourmet fry cutter ($24). Its extremely sharp blades cut whole potatoes into perfect symmetrical fries, ready for you to bake or fry. Use it to make these delicious and crispy garlic-chive fries.

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