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100 Kitchen and Bath Updates That Destroy a Home’s Value

Updates to your kitchen and bathrooms can definitely add to the value of your home. Just don’t do what these homeowners did!

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Camouflaged Vanity

Those are flowers on the wallpaper but it almost feels like ladybugs have invaded the bathroom. If that were to ever happen you’d want to know the ultimate guide to dealing with pests.

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Obstructed Kitchen Sink

All those yoga classes will come in handy when trying to reach something under the sink. Do a kitchen remodel right after getting inspiration from these breathtaking kitchen remodels.

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Spa Shower

Where to begin with this one? What? Are you running a health club? Hate to see the water bill for one shower. Check out these easy ways to save money on the water bill.

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Tile Awry

Looks like someone had some leftover landscaping material. Make sure your bathroom tile looks good with these 13 top-notch tile tips.

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Tiny Exhaust

Don’t get too crazy in the kitchen because this exhaust fan won’t be able to handle it all. It’s far too small for this kitchen. This is kind of reminiscent of some shocking home inspector photos we’ve seen before. 

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Outlet in a Vent

It’d be really interested to hear the story on this one. Clearly, time should’ve been taken to move the outlet. There are ways to disguise your kitchen hood, but don’t try to hide an outlet in a kitchen vent.

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Sunken Tub

You wanted a sunken tub, but you didn’t get one. You’re going to have one real quick at this place, here’s how to install a bathtub. Make sure to consider these 12 things before buying a new bathtub.

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A Hood Fan in a Far, Far Away Spot

This would work great if the stovetop was about two feet higher. The hood fan is far too far away from the range and can lead to a build up of smoke in the kitchen if you’re not careful. Make sure you’ve got these 11 tips included on your kitchen cleaning checklist.

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Hood Fan With Flex Duct

Look closely, this is a hood fan and in that little opening is a flex duct, which is a big no no because of the risk it poses in breaking down, not to mention the grease buildup and code violation. Not cleaning a hood fan is one mistake people make all the time, here are 44 other mistakes you’re making in the kitchen.

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Ice Cubes Don’t Match


Might be a cool party trick but you might be a little disappointed when that new refrigerator is churning out mismatching ice cubes. Get your ice maker to generate uniform ice cubes with these tips.

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Improper Disposal Drain Marked Up

You’ll have one smelly garbage disposal with this set up. It’ll be tough to move food out of the disposal with the drain line swinging up, not to mention the flexible pipe that is being used. Ever tried getting vacuum tubes cleaned? Here’s the secret to clearing vacuum clogs and here’s how you can start speed cleaning.

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Whirlpool Weakness

Probably not the kind of stream you’d expect from a whirlpool tub. We can show you how a whirlpool bath should work.

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Plumbing Field Dressing

This looks like some kind of plumbing field dressing with the duct tape and what looks like some kind of sheet tightly wound around the PVC. This homeowner must not like buying PVC pipe but they should because of all the great things you can do with it, like build a dog bed.

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Kitchen Remodel Rewind

You just spent a boatload on a kitchen cabinet and drawer project and it looks great. That is until you need something from this drawer. D’oh! Get maximum storage space in your kitchen with these tips.

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Hot Water Burn Baby

That’s quite the hot water heater you’ve got. Maybe the Binford 8000 wasn’t what you needed. When you’re searching for that new water heater, do some research to see what makes a quality water heater.

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Kitchen Hood Vented Into Chimney

Don’t try to use your fireplace if you’ve got your kitchen hood vented to the chimney like this. The kitchen hood catches a lot of grease and add that to a chimney and you’ve got the potential for a grease fire that’ll be really tough to stop. That kind of grease fire is a hidden hazard, just like keeping batteries in the junk drawer, see why they’re a hazard.

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Kitchen Sink Defects

The electrical work here seems a little suspect, as do some of the plumbing choices. Garbage disposals seem to be a nuisance because of what people try to put down them. Do yourself a favor and never put anything of these items down a garbage disposal, it’s not a trash compactor.

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Laundry Chute in a Shower

Clean yourself and your laundry in the shower. Then just ship the laundry down the chute for drying. Make sure your laundry room isn’t a pit of despair with these 20 organizing hints. 

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Leaking Shower Niche

Oooh, that new shower tile looks so good. It does but it’s got a lousy leak that could cause major headaches down the road. The bottom of the niche needs to be sloped and sealed with a liquid membrane. Do a tile project right with tips from a tile pro.

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Leaking Wall

A leaking wall like this will turn into a complete bathroom remodel in a hurry. Check out how a bathroom remodel should go.

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MacGyvered Bath Fan Grille

That’s one way to keep a bath fan grille in place. See what’s causing that annoying noise in the bathroom, chances are it’s in the fan.

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Microwave Plugged into NM Cable

Yikes, microwaves need to have their own circuits. You can’t put a plug end directly on non-metallic cable. You’re going to have to put in an electrical box. Discover the acronyms like NM that every DIYer should know.

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Microwave Too Close to Range

We’ve advocated for placing a microwave underneath a cabinet to create more counter space but this is not a good idea. Pretty soon you’ll have a melting microwave.

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Problem

Your kitchen exhaust fan is not similar to a dryer vent and shouldn’t be treated as such. There is already one duct tape repair and it probably won’t be long before the flexible duct will be shot, too. This home owner might be in store for a nasty grease fire with this setup. Check out how to put out a grease fire so you don’t accidentally make it bigger.

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Microwave Won’t Open

What’s that rule? Measure twice, cut once? Whoever did this installation should’ve followed that adage. It’ll be awfully tough to cook anything in this microwave when the door won’t open all the way. Besides putting a microwave above the range is one of the 13 kitchen trends on the way out.

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Whirlpool—The Unplugged Version

This new whirlpool bathtub is all dressed up with no place to go. It was supposed to make you feel like you lived in a fancy house like one of the biggest in the country. You see there’s no outlet nearby to get it started. Boo hoo.

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Trapped by Lack of a Trap

There wan an attempt but what might have been a trap has been rendered useless with this erector set construction.

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No Trap

A trap prevent sewer gases from entering the living space, as the trap is always filled with water so it’s a good idea to have one.You might need to know how to unclog a sink in a hurry.

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No Flow

The kitchen remodel is tremendous, sure to add value to home. But you might want to be able to get some water. Find out if a kitchen remodel is really worth it when it comes time to sell your house.

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That’s Not Tile

It looks like the tile fell off after the homeowner tried to glue tile on something that was painted and it didn’t stick. Get a look at what you need for a backer board before beginning a tile project for the shower.

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Original Oven

It’s pretty clear someone doesn’t cook nor have they ever. You might worry about them taking it with them for purely sentimental reasons if they ever sold the place. You’d probably want to learn these 12 tips for buying a house so you can negotiate properly.

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Count the Years by the Paint Chips

Was this a white tub they tried to paint blue or a blue tub they tried to paint white?

You can paint a bathtub, just make sure you do it right so you don’t have an abstract expressionist piece of art for a tub. Painting a tub is possible, but there are 11 things you definitely should never paint.

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Patched Disposer

This looks like some kind of moldable glue or putty fix for a leaky garbage disposal. The garbage disposal likely failed when a piece of silverware went for a spin and cracked the housing. Do yourself a favor and fix the disposal rather than risk a catastrophic failure.

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Permanent Toilet

Good luck when it comes time to replace this toilet, which appears to be a “permanent toilet” since it’s been grouted right in. You might be surprised to know the five ways to unclog a toilet without using a plunger.

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Plastic Corrugated Duct at Kitchen Hood

This rat’s nest of a kitchen hood duct is mostly duct tape and flex duct, which is terrible for handling any kind of heat. The flex duct is something that makes home inspectors shudder when they see it, just like these other home inspector horror stories.

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Plastic Toilet Tank

It’s a sharp departure from the typical porcelain toilets we’re used to seeing. There might be some worry about a plastic tank breaking and you probably don’t want to lean back on it. Check out toilets through history and why porcelain has been the dominant material for building them.

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Plumbers Putty on Garbage Disposal

Plumber’s putty is typically used for sealing the sink flange to the sink but someone got creative here to fix a leaky disposal. It’s not a long-term fix and the disposal probably needs replacement.

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Foil Tape vs. Duct Tape

There’s nothing wrong with being a duct tape fan. Just don’t let your love of duct tape blind you like with this plumbing fix. Same thing with foil tape on the left-hand side.

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Poor Planning

Sometimes a remodel needs an engineer. Cut costs, not corners on your next remodel project with these tips.

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Now Serving Steamed Cord

Oh geez, just don’t sauté anything on the range.

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Rotted Shower Surround

Somebody didn’t make sure this shower surround was water tight when it went in. It looks like someone tried to use fake tile panel to cover up a window but it went woefully awry. Get started on a bathroom remodel that will make a huge difference in how big it feels.

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Shower Backing Up

Looks like the old drain line needs some cleaning out. Unclog that sucker without using any chemicals with these tips.

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Shower Built into Ceiling

It’s an interesting way to add another shower but who knows if it’ll count as another bath on the listing. Make sure to pay attention to these important things when the appraiser comes to the house.

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Showerhead at Bathtub

Take a shower lying down? Who would’ve thought of adding a showerhead where the bathtub faucet normally goes. Must not be a fan of baths. That wood moulding is also a bad idea!

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Shower Light

Fluorescent lights above a shower? Without a cover?? The second question is probably immaterial, all things considered but talk about poor planning and unnecessary danger. You could be seeing a different kind of light real quick and you won’t have any choice about heading toward it. This is probably something the homeowner doesn’t know about since it’s obscured, just like these 10 hazards people don’t think of at home.

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5-Gallon Septic System

Hopefully this fellow is seeing this as a short-term solution. It’s really not code to have a bucket instead of a code-compliant drain. Yes, even bar sinks are covered by the plumbing code. Five-gallon buckets are extremely handy, check out these other ingenious uses for them. 

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Which Way Did They Go, George? Which Way Did They Go, George?

It’d sure be nice to know where the shutoff valves are for these water lines. You won’e believe these other 100 plumbing goofs and other scary stuff photos.

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Silicone Drain

It’s a fix of some kind. Next time do it right. This silicone plug isn’t a smart solution. It’s going to be tough removing it when it’s time to do the job right. Some times things just don’t go right with repairs like these bathroom plumbing mishaps.

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Sink Supports

Give them points for an ingenious approach to problem solving but a shower curtain rod, though expandable, will not suffice as a sink support. Repurposing an old curtain rod is great when it’s done right, we just wouldn’t trust one to hold up a sink.

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Small Bathroom

It would’ve been nice if someone would’ve just said, “No” before this project ever got started. It might be great for a ballet dancer who can tiptoe around but functionality is certainly something left to be desired.

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Permanet Toilet

You might leave the house some day but that toilet isn’t going anywhere. That sucker is grouted in and removing it will be a chore if there’s a repair that needs to be made.

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Plumbing Amusement

Plumbing isn’t like putting together a hamster cage and this backward trap isn’t going to fly. There are plumbing fixes you can do yourself no problem, like these 10 easy plumbing repairs.

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Bathroom Sculptures

Out of all the places to store concrete, under the tub was the best place to pick? Perhaps you can sell the soon-to-be concrete sculptures to the art world, a take on the perils of modern day living. There are some really neat things you can build with concrete, like this table, but you definitely want to be intentional about it.

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It’s a Trap, Kind Of

Plumbing shouldn’t look like a roller coaster because if it does, you’re going to have problems like this loop-de-loop setup.

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Bath Fan Aimed at Roof Vent

A loose bath fan exhaust is inviting a host of problems, like cold air running, moisture sneaking in and water damage. Check out how the correct way to vent looks.

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Defrocked Bath Fan Duct

This bath fan duct is missing its collar, making it defrocked. Get it? Ducts need to be properly connected to prevent air from wandering into spaces you don’t want it to, like the attic.

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Bath Fan Exhaust in the Attic

This bathroom fan exhaust nearly reached the roof, instead somebody ran out of ductwork, decided that was enough and never returned to finish the job. It’s not going to be good for the roof with a set up like this. The problem might not be visible on the roof but neither are all of these 15 tell-tale signs of a failing roof you need to know.

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Wayward Exhaust

There must have been an addition put on this house at some point and someone forgot about the bath fan exhaust coming through. Otherwise it’s hard to imagine why the exhaust would terminate in such a a place.

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Make It Quick

This bathroom’s fan is set on a timer with the four different durations, plus a button that will leave it on. Some people just like having lots of options. If having options in the bathroom sounds interesting, read up on Kohler’s new smart bathroom products.

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Bath Fan to Attic

Another bath fan exhaust system winds up in the attic. The attic is a goldmine for home fails.

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One Piece at a Time

Make do with what you’ve got, right? Looks like someone threw in a kitchen sink faucet instead of a bath faucet. Make sure you consider tub size and these important things when you buy a new bathtub.

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Great Googly Moogly

Must’ve ran to the home center one too many times when they tried to set up the PVC.

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Exhaust Fan Extension

Not all bathroom fan grilles are the same size it turns out. This update didn’t take that into consideration it looks like. Make sure you don’t have any bath fan issues with these tips.

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Drilled Dishwasher Drain

The quickest route between two points is a straight line, right? There’s already corrosion where the dishwasher drain got threaded into a cast iron fitting.

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Exhaust Fan Psych Out

The bath fan grille looks like a decoy here and the bathroom exhaust fan actually sits in the ceiling. And you wonder why the bathroom is always steamy. You should know why a steamy bathroom can become one of the germiest places in your home.

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Kitchen Exhaust Blockage

Looks like this kitchen exhaust is in need of a good cleaning especially when what looks like cotton from cottonwood trees has blown in there. Find out how to pinpoint those noises that drive you nuts around the house.

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Busted Hood Fan

Hood fans probably don’t get checked often but they should because it could reveal something like this.

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Bucket Drain

It’s hard to tell how many uses you can get out of this sink before you have to dump the bucket but if you really need a sink in that spot, go for it. Here’s how to replace a sink and avoid all the potential problems with installing one.

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C.U.P Bathroom

Mirrored walls in this location are an interesting choice to say the least. There’s some debate on mirrored walls in the home but these 12 bathroom trends are definitely on the way out.

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So Much For a Relaxing Bath

Image trying to take a relaxing soak when the ceiling fan starts wobbling. There’s a way to fix a wobbling ceiling fan but a better fix would be to remove this one.

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In Floor Heat Improperly Installed

The thought of heated floors sent you over the moon but you’ll come crashing back to Earth after taking a look at this improperly installed setup. Here’s how heated floors are supposed to work.

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Electrified Elegance

As we’ve seen before, placing a light fixture above a tub is fraught with potential danger. This situation gets compounded because the cord that winds through the chainlinks is also wrapped around the hook in the ceiling.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Corrugated Trap

Corrugated plumbing pipe seems like a great solution to connect things but all you’re doing is plugging into some more problems. Corrugated plumbing pipe is more susceptible to clogging and deterioration, and the sideways trap doesn’t do anything.

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Cracked Garbage Disposal

Might as well remove a garbage disposal at this point. There are several things you can do to reduce your household waste. Take a look at these simple ways to get started on reducing waste. 

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Curved Countertop

While sliding the dishes to the sink has never been easier, the curved countertop rarely gets listed at the top of the kitchen remodeling list. Here are the more hip counter trends happening now.

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Tippi Hedren’s Nightmare

She thought they were gone, until one mysteriously appeared in the bathtub. What did it mean? Well, maybe that’s not how the commercials for a trilogy to The Birds would really go (there was a sequel of The Birds made in 1963, believe it or not). Keep the birds near the birdhouse with these spectacular birdhouses.

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Party’s Over for the Cockroaches

So you had a little cockroach infestation? Yuck. They are tough to get rid of but there are some things you should know that really kill cockroaches.

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Dirty Old Bathroom Fan Grille

Maybe this bathroom fan grille got MacGyvered in permanently. Either way it’s in need of a serious cleaning because it’s not doing anyone any favors by being so dirty.

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Time for a Deep Clean

Someone remodeled this bathroom to a version they can live with but the health department might want a renovation of a different kind. Speed clean a bathroom with these super helpful tips.

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It Used to Be a Hood

Before time and neglect fell over this kitchen hood it served a purpose. Now it is there as a novelty.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Well Water Patina

The patina in this tub clearly shows its age but then again your tub shouldn’t have a patina inside it. Here’s a mind-numbingly simple way to get rid of the stain.

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Dishwasher Drain

Probably not the best spot to be running the dishwasher drain.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

84 / 100


Boy, triangles are weird shapes. What’s the Pythagorean Theorem again?

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Disposal Drama

More disposal drama, this time the drain is too high, making it difficult for things to get out of the disposal. Make sure you know how to clean a garbage disposal so backups don’t happen.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Heated Bathroom

The thought is nice. Walk out of the shower to a warm bathroom in winter but the execution is wrong because it could end in one.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Location, Location, Location

Wow, talk about a strange place for an electrical panel. Either sacrifice the shelf space to be able to get at it or break a bunch of dishes during an emergency trying to reach the panel.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Rethink the Reno

You really wanted to add half a bath but only had one spot for it. No worries you can work around the big electrical panel. No one will notice. Boy, the value that half bath added to the resale price is going to be great.

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Fresh Disposal

That tinfoil will keep whatever is in the disposal fresh but there’s probably nothing fresh smelling about this fast fix.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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A Full-Sized Fridge Will Fit, You Say

It’ll fit but good luck getting stuff in and out of this fridge. Should’ve kept that mini fridge from college.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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That’s a Stretch

So I’ve got to run an extension cord from under the sink to run the garbage disposal. Better implement the clean plate club stat in this home.

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Keep Your Green Thumb Outdoors

How many garden hoses have you seen sprout a leak before? You’ll be growing a garden of a different kind with this set up. Here’s the right way to clean up mold, hint it doesn’t involve bleach. 

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Greasy Ceiling

Running a fast food joint out of your kitchen really isn’t a second job you should undertake. Maybe check and clean the vent hood from time to time.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Greasy Fan

So that’s what happens when you don’t clean the hood. It’s like a new universe has sprouted.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Hard Water

Bust out the CLR and get cleaning. Your little sprayer is more like a sprinkle. There’s an easy way to clean hard water build up, check it out here.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

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Attack of the Caulk

There’s nothing like a job well done … and this is nothing like a job well done. How many passes did they need to make with the caulk gun to come up with this?

Photo: Via Structure Tech

97 / 100

Duct Tape Disaster

Duct tape in this instance is not the best fix at the vent. Cold air is going to run back down into the attic and create a lot of problems. Forget finding a fortune in the attic like these people did because anything stored up there will be destroyed.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

98 / 100

Bathroom Exhaust Fail

This uninsulated tube is going to freeze, leak back inside and the bath fan will blow into the other bathroom, creating a lousy problem for whoever is in the other bathroom. Failure happens all the time in home improvement, just like these 13 cringe-worthy home improvement fails.

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99 / 100

Did You Buy Five of the Same Coffee Makers?

You’re not going to be able to replace your coffee maker unless you have the same one. Oh, the joys of custom remodeling.

Photo: Via Structure Tech

100 / 100

Dishwasher Drainage Problems

You sure that dishwasher is going to drain to the right spot?

Photo: Via Structure Tech