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11 Amazing Stone Patios

The best part of an outdoor patio? Having a place to relax and entertain in the great outdoors. Read on for a look at 11 amazing patios to consider.

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Flagstone and Pea Gravel PatioJason Rathe/ Field Outdoor Spaces

Flagstone and Pea Gravel Patio

Mixing materials such as flagstone and pea gravel can provide an interesting patio space while saving money at the same time. For this patio, less expensive pea gravel was used with some pricier flagstone. Mixing and matching different textures, colors and materials is one of the best ways to build a unique stone patio. And don't forget to frame the patio with patio benches or these DIY patio planters.
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Bridge PatioJason Rathe/ Field Outdoor Spaces

Bridge Patio

An outdoor patio area can also serve as a bridge to build a space in your yard that would otherwise be unusable. When the runoff water rushes through, you can dangle your feet off this patio bridge to cool off and still stay dry! This unique patio space is made out of cedar logs and is the perfect area for a summer picnic. Click here for ideas on how to grow plants that can be edible.
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Gray Flagstone PatioJason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Gray Flagstone Patio

Natural stone is a time-tested material for an amazing outdoor patio. Here the homeowner expanded the use of stone to a wood-fired pizza oven. Click here on how to build your own stone or brick patio for complete how-to instructions.
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Bluestone PatioJason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Bluestone Patio

This outdoor patio features a natural stone called bluestone which creates a homey look. Bluestone can come in tidy rectangles and squares, but for a more rustic patio, the irregular slabs make a more interesting and eclectic space. Enhance your patio with these DIY landscaping tips.
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Brick and Grass Courtyard PatioJason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Brick and Grass Courtyard Patio

Looking for an economical way to build an outdoor patio space? Define the space with real brick and leave the grass in the center area. This courtyard patio area can still be used for sitting and eating or even watching the stars. Need patio furniture? Click here for the DIYer who wants to build their patio chairs.
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Limestone PatioJason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Limestone Patio

Limestone is a beautiful material, available in many shapes and colors. Whatever you use for your patio or terrace can be repeated for exterior features like walls, borders and trim.
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Cobblestone Brick PatioJason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Cobblestone Brick Patio

One of the most traditional patio materials is cobblestone brick. Never been to England or Belgium and walked the cobblestone brick streets, bridges and courtyards? No problem — you can build this old-world feel into your patio experience. If you have brick walls, here's how to clean the brick.
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Stone Paver PatioJason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Stone Paver Patio

Stone pavers are the perfect material for a circular patio area. The size and shape of stone pavers make it easy to lay and level the patio space. Learn how to build a circular paver patio with these instructions.
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Stamped ConcreteKeith Muratori/Shutterstock

Stamped Concrete

Want the look of natural stone, but don't want to pay the high price? Stamped or acid stained concrete can be a less expensive way to build a patio. Stamped concrete can replicate brick, flagstone, even wood, and can be used for patios or courtyards, and of course, paths, driveways and pool decks. If you'd like to start with a smaller stamped-concrete project, check out this attractive, sturdy table.

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Terracotta PatioMichael C. Gray/Shutterstock

Terracotta Patio

The classic southern European look of terracotta is another beautiful idea for a patio. The appearance and feel of terracotta makes your outdoor space something of an exotic experience, and it's easy to maintain. Leaves, twigs and grass are easily swept or blown away in a matter of minutes. Terracotta is one of the many beautiful ways to renovate your patio space.
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Ceramic Tile PatioDariush M/Shutterstock

Ceramic Tile Patio

Want to bring the clean and colorful look of ceramic tile to your outdoor space? Everyone knows tile is great for kitchen and bathroom floors, but it's equally suited for outdoor patios. Follow these instructions to build a ceramic tile patio.