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11 Hilarious Christmas Decoration Fails

Christmas time can be stressful! Lighten the mood by remembering you'll never fail at Christmas decorating as bad as these people did.

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Ugly Gingerbread House

This is one gingerbread house you wouldn’t want to eat! The frosting looks like chunky wood glue. Yuck! Let’s hope this one was done by a little kid …

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Dried-Up Christmas Tree

This might be the saddest Christmas tree we’ve ever seen! A few ornaments and a fresh-cut tree is all you need for a minimalist look, but this dried-up tree is just a fire hazard.

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Christmas Boots

Using items around the house to decorate for Christmas can be resourceful, but decorating a pair of old dirty boots with beads and bells doesn’t make for good holiday cheer!

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Peanut Christmas Display

Tiny presents? Check. Minimalist outline of a tree? Check. Peanuts as part of the display? That’s just plain weird. This display had good intentions, but the peanuts make it a major fail.

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Ugly Teddy Bear Decoration

Does anything about this decoration make sense? If anything, it looks a bit frightening! A bunch of wooden clothespins sticking out of a teddy bear with a fallen over tree is sure to send the kids running … in the opposite direction!

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Tornado Christmas Tree

Creative? Yes. Absolutely hideous? You got that right! This really doesn’t create an inviting, festive environment. It looks more like a science project!

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Reclaimed Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Surely the maker of this tree meant it to be a “chic” alternative to the typical tree, but this just looks messy and awkward!

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Photo: Courtesy of MonkandHoney

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“Marry Chrismas”

Yikes! A “Merry Christmas” display for the whole neighborhood to see with BOTH words spelled wrong?! Those with a good eye will also notice that the first “S” is upside down.

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It’s hard to keep up with the Joneses no matter what time of year it is, but Christmastime can prove especially challenging. This neighbor threw in the towel with their decorations, opting for a simple lighted “Ditto” sign to get the point across.

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Tree in a Box

“It was my turn to decorate the Christmas tree this year,” says the decorator of this major Christmas decoration fail. Message received. They won’t be asked to decorate the tree ever again.

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An “Extra Dry” Christmas Tree

This decorator wasn’t going for a chic or traditional Christmas look, and it’s safe to say this is a pretty unpleasant “Christmas tree” to look at!

“My girlfriend won’t agree that this is a suitable Christmas tree substitute,” says the decorator.

“Because it’s not. It doesn’t even have ornaments. C’mon, you’re ruining the Christmas spirit,” someone responds.

“You better water your tree before it starts losing needles, it looks extra dry,” another replies.

For the holidays, skip the annual Christmas decorations shopping trip, and instead, DIY all your own holiday decor right at home!

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