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11 Ideas for Organizing Your Garage

After you move into a new home it doesn't take long for the garage to accumulate too much stuff. After the bikes, tools and holiday decorations the car might be the last item to fit in the space. Here are 11 tips, products and projects to ensure you keep your garage neat and tidy.

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FH15FEB_555_00_031 double decker garage shelves greenFamily Handyman

Double Decker Garage Shelves

To keep things uncluttered one of the first places to utilize extra space is along the walls. This double-decker shelf unit can be made in one day and only costs between $20-100. These shelves provide three different storage options which can organize a multitude of items.

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FH00SEP_02052005 Pegboard Storage and Bin garage Family Handyman

Pegboard Storage and Bin

Pegboard can be used to hold all shapes and sizes of tools. This is especially helpful for organizing your garage and keeping often-used items in plain sight (ex. goggles, hammer, gloves). The bins underneath help catch any small odds and ends.

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Family Handyman

Easy Toy Storage

These storage bins are an easy way for everyone in the family to keep things off the floor and out of the way. In one weekend this storage system can be made to keep children’s toys and sports gear organized.

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FH15FEB_555_50_079 slanted garden rack storageFamily Handyman

Slanted Garden Rack

For large gardening tools like rakes and shovels this slanted rack is ideal. This project uses up space creatively because the rack is built on the garage studs. These racks can be made for less than $20 and take only minutes to assemble.

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2016_11_445_Garage_Ceiling_Storage_M4-(1) bike hook

Bike Hook

Other than cars, bikes are among the biggest items stored in the garage. This bike hook from Gladiator keeps your wheels up off the floor. The bike hook is mounted on the ceiling and is compatible for child and adult bikes.

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FH05SEP_461_58_129_HSP garage over the head organization system storageFamily Handyman

Overhead Sliding Totes

Keep items like holiday decorations stored in this sliding storage system. The project uses standard materials and is made to fit above the garage door.

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FH05JAU_460_55_064 lattice for garage organization storage above headFamily Handyman

Reuse Materials

Repurpose old materials like this lattice. The lattice openings are perfect to organize trim, pipes and flashing in your garage.

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FH09SEP_501_51_078 garage wall of storageFamily Handyman

Wall of Storage

For just a few hundred dollars you can re-create this storage system yourself in one weekend. This project covers about 16 ft. of wall space and offers a multitude of ways to organize your garage.

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FH08NOV_493_57_122 garage paint cabinet storageFamily Handyman

Garage Cabinet

For smaller items and tools, cabinets can be custom-made. This cabinet is the perfect solution for small painting supplies, glue and more. The compact design is close to the wall and sturdy.

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DIY garage tool storageFamily Handyman

Shovel Rack

Keep clunky, heavy shovels and rakes out of the way with this shovel rack. This rack helps prevent these top-heavy items from falling on anyone or anything.

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storage bin towerFamily Handyman

Garage Storage Tower

These tower units are perfect for organizing your garage. Larger items can be put in the plastic bins. Hard to fit items like hoses and sprinklers can be attached to the sides. And because they’re made of plywood, the cost is low compared to more complex units.

If your garage is an unusable space in colder climates, consider purchasing a garage heater.