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9 Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen

If you're short on space or just want to add some extra storage, there are some clever kitchen storage solutions you may not have considered. Here are 11 ideas for organizing your kitchen.

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shelves-for-kitchen-wall open organizing your kitchen

Hang Items from Shelves

Do you have some open shelves in your kitchen? Try hanging items from them. Think utensils you use all the time or coffee mugs.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Decor Things

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baskets-above-cupboards organizing your kitchen

Use Baskets for Organizing Your Kitchen

If you have some space above the cabinets, try organizing your kitchen using baskets or bins for a clever kitchen organization solution. You may not be able to reach this high, so use the baskets for things you don’t use every day.

Photo: Courtesy of Woohome

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pegboard kitchen storage organizing your kitchen

Consider Pegboard

Pegboard isn’t just for the pantry, workshop or garage. Try organizing your kitchen by putting up a piece of pegboard in your kitchen to hang pans and utensils.

Photo: Courtesy of Rice Designs

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showerrod kitchen storage

Add a Shower Rod

Put that wasted space under the kitchen cabinets to use by installing a shower rod. Add some hooks and you’ll have a great space to hang utensils such as whisks and spatulas.

Photo: Courtesy of Worth the Whisk

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Pantry Storage

This DIYer added some dividers in the top of their pantry and those dividers work great for storing serving trays, platters and some bakeware. The addition likely frees up some other storage space in cupboards.

Photo: Courtesy of HGTV

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shutterstock_126715016 kitchen box shelf storage organizing your kitchenAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Add Box Shelves

If you have some open wall space, consider some DIY box shelves. When organizing your kitchen, use these shelves to store decorative bowls, plates and other items you don’t use every day.

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shutterstock_534157990 crates for kitchen

Crates for Storage

Short on cupboards and shelves? Try some old fruit crates. Stack them and store items in a container with lids. Store wine and even fruit in them!

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shutterstock_494095942 angled corner drawer in kitchenRaisa Suprun/Shutterstock

Angled Corner Drawer

If you’re in the process of designing your dream kitchen, try an angled corner drawer. An alternative to a Lazy Susan, these corner drawers provide plenty of storage space in deep, dark corners and are a great way for organizing your kitchen.

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shutterstock_131620481 above the sink kitchen storage rackVizual Vortex Studio/Shutterstock

Above the Sink Rack

Consider installing a rack over the kitchen sink. The rack can work as storage for everything from soap and sponges to small plates and utensils.

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