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12 Awesome Ideas for Storing Toys

How many times have you nearly lost a toe after stepping on a pile of tiny hard-plastic building bricks? Where do you store the dozens and dozens of stuffed animals, tiny cars or doll clothes your kid has collected? Whether your child keeps their toys in a bin, basket or bucket, here are a dozen easy hacks to clean up and organize your child's toys in a space of any size.

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Totes for ToysYuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

Totes for Toys

If the child in your life is a short-term guest, try a toy tote. Grab a plastic storage tote that can be easily moved around the house or the yard. Plus, the tote can survive almost any conditions, not to mention any kick or jab a kid throws at it. Or look in your child's closet for toy storage organization ideas. Empty a clothes storage bin and repurpose it with toys.
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Cube Your EnthusiasmPhoto: Brenda Porter-Rockwell

Cube Your Enthusiasm

Take advantage of built in cube space. Choose as many bins as you need, in your preferred colors, to store small toys. If you're storing toys for more than one child, let them choose their favorite color for their bins. And, change your perspective and look up. Like the knickknacks in your living room, put your child's collectibles safely out of reach with box shelves you can build yourself.
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Boost Your Bed SpacePhoto: Courtesy of manufacturer

Boost Your Bed Space

Don't let under bed space go to waste. Whether your child is a pre-schooler or a pre-teen, under bed roll-out bins are great for keeping small car collections, LEGO sets and more in one place. And get inspired by these bunk bed storage ideas to come up with your own custom storage hacks.
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Swing From the Rafters With Mesh StoragePhoto: Courtesy of Brenda Porter-Rockwell

Swing From the Rafters With Mesh Storage

A hanging mesh storage hammock creates a cradle for lightweight toys like balls or plush toys. Or, use a cloth hammock or colorful sheet to create the same effect. A yard or two of tulle fabric works great and has a fairyland look. And when you're done with your kid's room, it's likely time to apply some handy storage ideas to your garage.
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Box It All Inog_photo/Shutterstock

Box It All In

Classic. Dependable. The always faithful toy box has been a standby for decades. And there's a certain appeal to having it all in one place and putting a lid on it. For safety, always make sure your toy box has lid-stay torsion hinges so no little fingers get smashed. But if you prefer open bins, try this easy DIY Toy Storage idea.
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Alternative to Plastic Bags: Mesh Produce BagBrenda Porter-Rockwell

Alternative to Plastic Bags: Mesh Produce Bag

One of your easiest and most eco-friendly options for toy storage is already in your refrigerator. Empty your mesh produce bags and toss in your child's bath or beach toys. Attach a plastic hook and hang the bag of toys on the shower wall within easy reach. And if you need more room than what you can hold in a 5-lb bag, buy a reusable mesh produce bag and still have an eco-friendly bag alternative to traditional toy storage.
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Control the Empire with Ottoman Storage

Gain control of your family room with toy storage that performs double duty. And consider an ottoman that also serves as a storage bin. Without the need for usable furniture and a separate toy box, you not only add extra room to move around in your space, but it's one of many ways to make a small room look bigger.
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Gather Wicker Baskets for Toy StorageTheThirdMan/Shutterstock

Gather Wicker Baskets for Toy Storage

Visit your local thrift store or farmers market for inexpensive wicker baskets. Stock up on a few baskets of different sizes and shapes to keep toys off the floor. Organizing your child's toy storage may be practical, buy you don't have to give up all creativity. Try one of these 15 Amazing Toy Rooms that Put the Fun in Functional.
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Table Your Toy Storage

Table Your Toy Storage

Repurpose a standard side table as a toy storage center for crafts or board games. And don't forget to leave room for indoor fun! Get down with an Indoor Hopscotch Game Board that can be folded up and stored with the other games when not in use. Photo: Brenda Porter-Rockwell
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Stack and Go Equipment StorageFamily Handyman

Stack and Go Equipment Storage

Let your slugger easily find the equipment they need. Build a wooden storage cabinet locker or get creative with briefcases, bins, hooks and bungee cords. Help your kid up their game with one of these 10 Genius Sports Equipment Storage Hacks.
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Wooden Wine Crates

Does your child's room look like thieves ransacked it thinking it was the perfect hideaway for the family jewels? If you're tired of the hurricane-just-passed-through-here look, place books, toys, clothes, shoes and more at eye level. Put toys in wooden wine boxes for easy toy storage access at any age.

Are stuffed animals taking over the toy room? Here are clever DIY stuffed animal storage ideas.

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Self-Entertainment Storage IdeaPetinov Sergey Mihilovich/Shutterstock

Self-Entertainment Storage Idea

Big kids need space to settle in with their video games. So, give new life to an old entertainment center from your living room or a garage sale purchase. And TV stands, for example, create a neat space for the screen and game consoles while hiding wires. Have unused basement space? Kick your teen and his crew out of your living room for good by converting your basement into a game room.