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12 Great Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit can be the centerpiece to a backyard. Check out some of these ideas to get an idea for your backyard.

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Backyard fire pitFamily Handyman

Simple Brick Fire Pit Design

This fire pit design idea is simple and can be done for less than $300. This particular fire pit cost $250 with the brick design. After a little work it turned out to be the perfect place to circle round in late evenings. Find out how to build a fire pit in your backyard.

Be sure to check out these fire pit safety tips.

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DIY fire pit fire ring backyard ideasFamily Handyman

Flagstone Fire Ring

This fire pit utilizes flagstones for its design and can match nicely with any retaining wall features you might have in your yard.T his one costs more than the brick design but it can be a bigger gathering spot for friends and family. Find out how to build a fire ring on your own.

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pirate ship fire pitPhoto: Courtesy of

Pirate Ship Fire Pit

This elaborate design can fulfill the artistic side for a DIYer. If you’ve got the tools available, a pirate ship fire pit could be a swash-buckling good time. Check out 12 tips for drilling holes in metal if you dare to set course for this pirate ship.

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Cauldron fire pitCowboy Cauldron Co.

Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit

The Cowboy Cauldron Co. has some of the biggest and coolest fire pits and cast iron works available on the market. The company offers three styles of fire pits made from steel. They run expensive so unless you’re in the habit of hosting large parties in your backyard on a regular basis, it might not be the fit for you. Find out how to cut cast iron on your own.

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Pool fire pitParagon Pools

Spa Fire Pit

Paragon Pools came up with design and has a knack for creating unique pits with pools nearby. This pit is cozy and sure to keep you warm as you step out of the whirlpool spa. Get some backyard ideas by checking out backyard entertaining spaces.

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Stone table fire pitAllen Land Design

Stone Bar and Fire Pit

This stone fire pit is a combination with a bar and make for an interesting take on fire pit design ideas. If you like the look of stonework, find out how to install stone facing on your home.
Learn more about portable fire pits.

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Bowl fire pitMan Made DIY

Bowl of Fire

This DIY fire pit was made for less than $50 with some concrete and an old bowl. Check out the complete steps to complete this fire pit. Find out how to mix concrete properly.

Here’s how to get your fire pit ready for Fall.

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Diamond plate fire

Diamond Plated Fit Pit

This diamond plated pit is portable, which makes it an intriguing option for those short on space in the backyard. If you’ve got some knowledge working with metal, then this is a DIY project up your alley. You’ll need an angle grinder for this pit. Learn how to use an angle grinder.

Once you’re done with this project, check out these amazing backyard entertaining spaces so you’ll have the best backyard in the neighborhood.

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Wooden fire

Wooden Fire Pit

A wooden fire pit seems like a project that is sure to go up in flames but this fire pit uses a sheet metal bucket to prevent that from happening. The design makes it look like you have a fireplace outside. If you’d rather have a fireplace inside your home, find out how to install a gas fireplace.

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Washer tub fire pitwalts.theman/Instructables

Washer Tub Fire Pit

That washer gave you enough trouble that you might have threatened to burn it up. Instead, repurpose it by using the tub as a fire pit. Add some legs and some high heat paint to get your pit started. Find out how to do DIY washing machine repair before deciding to repurpose it.

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Grocery cart fire

Grocery Cart Fire Pit

Bring the fire with you with a portable grocery cart fire pit. Add a spark screen and a base to catch the embers and your on your way with a pit that cost less than $100. You can even keep a stock pile of wood underneath. Cut down a tree safely if you need firewood for your fire pit.

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Patio table fire

Fire Pit and Patio Table

Kill two birds with one stone with this patio table fire pit. This project requires welding and knowledge of how to work with propane heating. Once it’s done it can be an awesome backyard piece that can be placed just about anywhere.

Learn how to know your propane tank level.