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12 Hot Color Trends for the Bedroom

While recent bedroom color trends have hovered around warm neutrals, edgier colors are now showing up in bedroom designs. Here are 12 color trends that will be hot in the year to come.

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Vibrant YellowsBeyond Time/Shutterstock

Vibrant Yellows

Move over cherry red, vibrant yellows are taking over as the go-to bold bedroom color tones. Try a deep mustard for a more sophisticated look. And if you hesitate in choosing such a bold color for walls, try using the color in accents such as on pillows and blankets, or use the color to repaint bedroom furniture.
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Make a Statement with

Make a Statement with Black

Black should be treated as a neutral color, as it complements nearly any bedroom color palette. And not only is the color hot on walls, it can be used to paint floors and accents to add drama to your bedroom space.
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Icy Blues

While lilac has been popular over the last few years, icy blue tones are fresh updates. Test the bedroom color on your walls, which will pair well with popular Scandinavian furniture designs and decor. And try Iceberg from Benjamin Moore.
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Pretty in Pinkurfin/Shutterstock

Pretty in Pink

Pink is no longer gender specific bedroom color. The Pantone Color Institute predicts 2018 will be the year of pink, as it is a mood-enhancing color. And be sure to move furniture out of the way before getting started for a mess-free paint job.
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Pretty Pastels

Soft pastels such as dusty pinks and mint greens are showing up in bedrooms in place of traditional whites. And the softness of bedroom color pastels creates a feeling of serenity and comfort, perfect for bedrooms. Read these painting tips before getting started on your painting project.
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Deep Blues

Like black, deep blue hues such as navy are predicted to be hot in the coming years. And deep blues create a cozy feel in bedrooms, which is prefect for relaxing after a long day. The color also works on furniture and on built-in shelves and closet spaces.
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Unexpected Greensonzon/Shutterstock

Unexpected Greens

Greenery is Pantone's color of the year for 2017 and green hues will continue to shine in 2018. Get out your painting tools and try an unexpected green in the bedroom, which can be balanced out with neutral accents in white, brown and gray.

Take a look at what Pantone’s color of the year of 2023 is, next.

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Modern Greens

Sticking with greens, choose a bedroom color such as Saguaro from Sherwin-Williams. Olive and avocado tones are dominating bedroom color designs and will pair well with white and red.
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Metallics: The 'New Neutrals'Mariia Smeshkova/Shutterstock

Metallics: The 'New Neutrals'

Gold and bronze are no longer considered dramatic. Instead, Pantone says metallics are the "new neutrals." Try a wallpaper with gold or add shiny accessories throughout the bedroom.
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Two-Tone Grays

Prepare your walls for gray, which has been a popular bedroom color choice for years. And a popular update on the color trend is to use two hues for a two-tone look. The color works well with modern, minimalist decor.
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Classic White

While rich colors are in, a classic white on bedroom walls offers a clean, fresh canvas for bold accent colors and patterns. Try a high-quality white paint on walls mixed with vibrant greens and a rich blue for an on-trend look.
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Try Orange for a Bold Bedroom Colorljansempoi/Shutterstock

Try Orange for a Bold Bedroom Color

Bold colors are tricky for novice painters, but those feeling adventurous should try orange. A deep orange makes the room feel cozy and warm. And orange pairs well with browns, turquoise and navy blue. Orange also works well as a dominant accent color.

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