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12 Incredible Chain Saw Ice Sculptures

Chain saw ice carving combines all of our favorite things: power tools, winter and creativity. Check out these inspiring sculptures!

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Moonlight Sonata in Ice

The World Ice Art Championships are typically held each year in Fairbanks, Alaska and some of the most intricate ice carving takes place there. This piece called "Moonlight Sonata in Ice" appeared several years ago in the championships. If you've got a battery powered power tool, find out how to take care of lithium ion batteries.
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Tropical View in Winter

The St. Paul Winter Carnival in Minnesota holds snow sculpting and ice carving competitions each year in January and February. Some of the coolest carving takes place there and this one is quite the juxtaposition. Check off a gift on your list by looking at the top power tools every DIYer wants. Photo: Courtesy of Yanto Mualim/Flickr
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Crescent Moon Nightcap

Branson, Missouri has hosted an ice carving contest in the past and this crescent moon nightcap carving. When using a chain saw make sure you know how to choose the best hearing protection. Photo: Courtesy of Patric Butler/Flickr
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Disco on Ice

Disco's dead so this might be poetic take on the state of disco by carving it out on ice. This entry also comes from the Titanic Exhibit in Branson, Missouri. Find out how to cut down a tree safely with a chain saw. Photo: Courtesy of Patric Butler/Flickr
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Ice Boy and Frisbee Dog

Man and his best friend share a block of ice with this sculpture from the Titanic Exhibit in Branson, Missouri. It captures energy and the classic relationship between boy and dog. If you want to go cordless with your chain saw, find the best cordless chain saw. Photo: Courtesy of Patric Butler/Flickr
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Polar Express

A train on ice pulled into an ice sculpting contest in Ridgefield, Connecticut and is quite the sight based on its size and detail. Check out what's cool about the Stihl battery powered chain saw. Photo: Courtesy of Caboose_Rodeo/Flickr
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Alberta Legislature Sculptures

Outside the Legislature Assembly of Alberta in Edmonton hosts ice carvings every year and get lit up at night for a really awesome effect. If you're in the market for a new chain saw and can't decide whether to with a gas model or a battery model, find out the pros and cons of gas versus battery chain saws.
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Ice Snail

This exquisite carving is an ice snail with extensive detail. It appeared in the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. Find out the top 10 chain saw tips we've found.
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Circus Affair

The circus was on display with this ice carving exhibit. Check out the elephant balancing a peanut on his trunk. Get some information on the best chain saws to buy with our chain saw reviews. Photo: Courtesy of JacquelineO/Flickr
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Ice Castle

A traditional ice castle gets classed up with some additional detail with the animal artwork. Keep your chain saw in top shape by learning how to rebuild a chain saw.
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A Beautiful Bridge

This amazing bridge with a rearing horse in the center comes from the Plymouth Ice Festival in Michigan and takes up part of the town square. It's well worth it with the way it looks. Make sure you use a chain saw safely when need one.
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Rembrandt Inspires Ice Art

Over in Leiden, Holland, this ice carving of "The Anatomy Lecture of Nicolaes Tulp" by Rembrandt is an homage to the artist. This was made on the 400th anniversary of his birthday in 2006. Find out how to sharpen a chain saw to keep cutting crisply. Photo: Courtesy of Eelco/Flickr

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