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12 Tiny Homes from TinyFest Midwest

Tiny home enthusiasts converge in Iowa each fall for TinyFest Midwest, a weekend-long festival centered on speakers, workshops and conversation about tiny home. It's a DIY paradise for those interested in reducing their footprint. Here are 12 tiny homes featured at the festival in Colfax, Iowa.

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Built on the Fly

Built on the Fly is run by couple Nicholas Donlin and Jenna Wraye, based out of Des Moines, Iowa, who discovered they had a passion for constructing tiny homes in a timely fashion — albeit a really fast timeline — 72 hours. The couple completed a 72-hour tiny home build in early September with help from friends and family. Painting Tips: How to Paint Faster
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Joppa Outreach

Joppa Outreach, in Des Moines, Iowa, is a nonprofit dedicated to helping find solutions to end homelessness. Each week Joppa volunteers visit from 200 to 225 people living under bridges, in tents or in vehicles to help them access local services. In September, Drake University students in partnership with Joppa Outreach, built three tiny homes as part of Du Good Week. Students from that project will be on hand to talk about how they built their time homes for the homeless. Plus: Wall Framing Tips for New Construction
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DIY Tiny Camper

The DIY Tiny Camper can be built for around $1,000, according to the DIY Tiny Camper Facebook page. It weighs only 700 pounds and provides 70 square feet of bedroom, kitchen and living space. Check out the this link to watch how it literally unfolds before your eyes. Plus: Tips for Hanging Doors
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Titan Tiny Homes

For those less inclined to try to build their own tiny home, Titan Tiny Homes is one of four builders who are attending TinyFest. Titan Tiny Homes has four different models ranging in price from $36,000 for the Passage model to $59,800 for the MyHome model. Square footage for the Passage and Everest models starts at 190 while the Notarosa and MyHome versions begin at 250 square feet. Bob Clarizo, owner of Titan Tiny Homes is scheduled to speak. Plus: 7 Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers You Can Build Yourself 
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Viggo the Apothecary Bus

TinyFest Midwest provides a balance between the tiny home builders and the DIYers. But finding a label for the Apothecary Bus might be difficult since it’s so multi-faceted. Raven McGinnity, a clinical, bioregional herbalist, with her partner, Oaken, and their four children, converted an old school bus that serves as a home and an apothecary. You have to see it to believe it. The bus has a queen bed, four twin bunks, a small kitchen with portable electronic burners powered by solar panels. Viggo the Bus is available to rent as well for those considering an alternative living space. Plus: Make Sure Your Tires Last
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Sasquatch Custom HomesSasquatch Custom Homes

Sasquatch Custom Homes

Sasquatch has been found and he’s building tiny homes. Well, he may not actually have been found or built anything, however, Sasquatch Custom Homes is building tiny homes. Sasquatch Custom Homes, which uses American-made products, reclaimed and eco-friendly materials, will have homes on site during TinyFest. Sasquatch Custom Homes is based in Magnolia, Texas and is a venture between friends Chris Barton and Brian Barrett. Plus: Build a Simple Reclaimed Wood Table
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Sheepherder's Wagon

An homage to history, Robert Heavirland built a sheepherder’s wagon, which is somewhat similar to a tiny home, though this one comes on wagon wheels. It’s got enough space to sleep comfortably and there’s space to cook. Plus: Breathing New Life Into An Old Wagon
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Southwest Tiny Homes

Southwest Tiny Homes is based in New Mexico but from the design of The Hunter’s Dream, you might think differently. The replica log cabin provides a perfect perch from the top of the home for any hunter to sight in on game. Southwest Tiny Homes completed its first build in 2015 and will build custom homes. Plus: Button up Your Cabin for Winter
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A Terra-cotta Life

Sarah Plummer and her husband, Jordan, have lived in a tiny home for two years, which is parked on a animal farm in Iowa. Plummer has documented the couple’s lives in the tiny home in a blog as she made the adjustment to farm life. Their home, “Lil Blue,” a 160-square foot tiny house. Plus: 20 Easy Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Any Home
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Tiny Green Cabins

Jim Wilkins, founder of Tiny Green Cabins, is one of the guest speakers at the event and he’ll have some of his homes on display. Tiny Green Cabins are non-toxic tiny homes for people who have sensitivities to chemicals and the environment. Wilkens started the company, which has 13 different models. The adventurous Ravenlore, which ran about $60,000, captures attention with its design and paint scheme. For a grounded look the Ponderosa can be picked up for $68,000 while the Wildflower Bunkhouse is available for $36,999. Plus: Wood Foundation Basics and Techniques
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The Refuge

Tracy Boeyink decided to build a tiny home and document each step along the way on Facebook. It’s an informative and behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to put together a tiny home. Boeyink takes it a step further with the design of her home. She specifically doesn’t use petrochemical-based materials and she’s using green products. Her home will be on display for those curious at TinyFest Midwest. Plus: Eco-friendly Alternatives to Plastic Bags
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Tiny House Ministries

A tiny house has been a vehicle of different sorts for Curtis White, wife, Hany Elena Gomez-White, and family. They use it as a ministry vehicle dedicated to building tiny homes as an alternative solution to decreasing homelessness. For every $4,500 Tiny House Ministries secures, a tiny home is built and donated to someone in need. Plus: Why We Serve

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