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12 Ways to Personalize Your Apartment

Put down the paintbrush and stop for a moment before you start drilling holes in walls. Decorating your apartment is possible without permanently altering the space. Here are 12 ways to personalize your apartment (and get your security deposit back).

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Paint ... Your FurnitureStockLite/Shutterstock

Paint ... Your Furniture

You may not be able to paint your walls, but you can paint your old wood furniture. And to personalize your apartment try a bright color on a chair or a new stain on an end table.
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Create a GalleryAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Create a Gallery

Instead of drilling holes for all your artwork and risk getting dinged on your security deposit, try hanging a couple floating shelves to display those paintings, photos and trinkets. And this will personalize your apartment without damaging the walls. You'll drill fewer holes in the wall while still being able to show off your style.
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Add Color to Your AccessoriesAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Add Color to Your Accessories

If your space needs more color, try some bold curtains. You can also personalize your apartment by adding a colorful rug, throw pills and even a bright sofa or chair for a punch of color in a drab space. And bright curtains can also help with keeping warmth inside during the winter months.
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Fake a Built-InFamily Handyman

Fake a Built-In

If your apartment is missing that classic style you crave, try a DIY built-in that can be customized for your space. This will personalize your apartment without damaging the walls. And who knows, your landlord might just love it.
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Create a Welcoming EntrywayFamily Handyman

Create a Welcoming Entryway

If your apartment doesn't have a proper entryway, create your own. Use a padded bench and hang some hooks for coats, or build a simple entryway storage and organizer to keep clutter at bay.
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Add a MirrorDavid Papazian/Shutterstock

Add a Mirror

If your space is small, try hanging a mirror in a stylish frame. Mirrors help create the illusion of a bigger space. And personalize your apartment. Try one in your living room or in the dining area across from a window so it receives and reflects natural light back into the room.
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Try Removable Wallpaper to Personalize your

Try Removable Wallpaper to Personalize your Apartment

Removable wallpaper is great for your new home and comes in a variety of modern prints that will make you feel comfortable in your new space. It's easy to hang and doesn't leave a mess behind.
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Use Bookshelves as ArtFamily Handyman

Use Bookshelves as Art

A large bookshelf can work as the focal point of a room and serve as a piece of art and will personalize your apartment at the same time. So store your books, along with mementos such as framed photos, vacation souvenirs and candles on the shelves.
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Add PlantsCarlos Amarillo/Shutterstock

Add Plants

A hanging herb garden in the kitchen will not only add a pop of color, but will also supply you with fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary and mint.
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Go BigStanisic Vladimir/Shutterstock

Go Big

When thinking about hanging artwork, you want to drill as few holes as possible, so think big. Go for an oversized piece or hang a tapestry on the wall. And this will personalize your apartment in a big way with this statement piece.
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Change Cabinet HardwareFamily Handyman

Change Cabinet Hardware

You may not be able to choose your kitchen cabinets, but you can often update your kitchen hardware without doing any permanent damage.
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Add a Shelfv74/Shutterstock

Add a Shelf

If your apartment lacks kitchen storage, try an open metal shelf. Then use baskets and hooks to organize items.

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