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13 Amazing Skymall Products for your Home

For millions of air travelers nervous about flying or trapped in a holding pattern without their electronics, Skymall is a combination distraction and shopping opportunity. Famous for its wacky and ingenious offerings, this in-flight magazine is always an entertaining diversion. So whether you're really in the market for household knickknacks at 40,000 feet, or you just enjoy seeing the strange mix of truly useful and utterly ridiculous, here are 13 of the most fascinating products for your home and garden, plucked from the pages of Skymall.

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Countertop Dishwasher

This Ivation countertop dishwasher brings the convenience of a dishwasher to anyone, whether in the home or on the go. Designed to fit on any standard countertop, it can hold six place settings and includes a sliding dish rack, cup shelf and silverware basket.

Installation is as simple as can be, a short process that involves hooking up the included adapter to any sink faucet, and putting the drain hose in place to drain into the sink. Best of all, the small size makes it easy to clean out or make adjustments such as fixing the dish rack.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Festive Reindeer Toilet Cover

The holidays are a special season, full of friends, family and good cheer. And thanks to Skymall, you can finally capture that sense of love and acceptance… by making your toilet look like a giant reindeer’s face.

The package ships with a toilet seat cover, antler tank topper and removable eye stickers, allowing you to turn any toilet into a jumbo holiday ornament. Just be sure to take the accessories off if you need to unclog the toilet after the family visit!

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Biometric Safe Box

Access your valuables with the touch of a finger. While many valuables can be tucked away in secret hiding places, some are better suited to storage in a safe box.

This safe box allows for up to 32 separate finger IDs, making it perfect for back-up finger prints, or for multiple users. It also can be configured for a 4- to 8-digit PIN or emergency key, so it’s never a concern if the 4 AA batteries run out of life.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Hidden Kitty Litter

Cats are wonderful companions, but their litter boxes can be unsightly and messy. Keep your cat’s litter out of sight but still within easy reach for cleaning with this clever and attractive example of pet furniture. Or if you already have a good hiding spot for the litter box, this is the perfect piece to hide away a pet bed for cats or small dogs.

Of course, we’re all about the DIY mentality here at The Family Handyman! If you want to tackle the build yourself, here are 11 awesome ideas for DIY pet furniture. But if you just want the ease and attractiveness of the finished product, then Skymall’s got you covered.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Self-Inflatable Bed with Frame

If you’ve ever had more house guests than spare bedrooms, then you know how useful an inflatable bed can be. Sure, it may not have the ‘wow’ factor of a high-end Murphy bed, but an inflatable bed can be a fast and efficient solution in a pinch. And the EZBed truly lives up to its name! The built-in pump automatically inflates the airbed, with automatic shut-off settings to allow for customized firmness. And the self-deploying frame means that all you have to do is unzip the case, plug it in to an outlet, and walk away while the bed unfolds and inflates.

The fully formed bed is standard residential height, while the compressed mattress folds into a wheeled duffle bag. It’s the ultimate in comfort and convenience!

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Carpet Rake

A nice plush carpet is attractive and comfortable under foot, but it can be difficult to keep clean. Luckily, Skymall carries this carpet rake, an ingenious device that helps keep carpets and rugs looking like new. By simply ruffling the carpet nap, the rake shakes free the dirt and debris, allowing it to be vacuumed up, using the included vacuum adapter.

It can also be connected to a standard broom pole, and used after vacuuming. Just rake it across the clean carpet, and watch the vacuum lines disappear.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Peeping Puppy Statue

This 16-inch resin dachshund is meticulously detailed, almost creating an illusion of life. An adorable door stop and fun conversation piece, he’s also one puppy who’ll never have you worrying about cleaning pet messes out of your carpet.

Made for indoor or outdoor use, he’s best employed someplace where he can peep out a door or window, ideally visible from both sides of the portal.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Tablet Stand and Charger

Charge your devices while not slowing down your productivity. While it’s easy enough to craft your own DIY tablet stand, this pre-made model stands out because it’s perfect for getting work done on the road or while under the weather at home. The portable lap-desk comes fully wired and capable of charging your phone or tablet while also shining a light on your work.

Weighing in at five pounds, this desk ships with a USB cable, built-in battery pack and adjustable LED lamp.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Suction Cup Shower Grip

Installing grab bars in slick areas such as showers and tubs is an important part of converting a home to be safe for aging occupants. But if you need to install grab bars in a hurry, or want to take grab bars on the road (especially if staying at a friend’s home or hotel) then consider these suction cup grips from Skymall.

Perfect for elderly or injured users, the suction cups cling easily to shower and tub surrounds, even those with mosaic tile. And with the easy-release tabs, they can be resituated or removed as needed.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Treads

Another home safety product, these non-slip treads will protect you and your family from slips and falls while also protecting your stairs from the damaging effects of water and mud. A perfect part of an overall stair safety improvement (alongside projects such as installing a new handrail) each strip in the set of four is four inches wide by 17 inches long, and can be trimmed down if needed.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Solar Footprints

Fully solar powered, these ghostly footprints provide their own charge, lighting a path every night without ever having to be plugged in to an outlet. A fun and whimsical decoration, these footprints are also an ideal jumping-off point to explore DIY solar projects.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Ergonomic Knives

Whether you’re a true foodie or just a master of the microwave, one kitchen tool you’ll always need is a sturdy set of kitchen knives. Even if you don’t care for the convenience, you should be aware of the safety issue: Quality knives take and hold a sharp edge longer than poorly made blades. And since sharp knives require less force to slice materials, it’s no exaggeration to say that a sharp knife is a safer knife. Purchase quality knives and learn how to sharpen a blade, and you’ll be well on the way to a safer and more efficient kitchen, no matter what your skill level as a chef.

This set from Skymall contains a three-inch paring knife, a five-inch utility knife, an eight-inch chef’s knife and an eight-inch bread knife.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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Deck & Fence Privacy Net

Decks and balconies are wonderful additions to any property, but sometimes they bring you a little too close to the neighbors. So much so that there are no shortage of commercial and DIY privacy screens available to block you from your neighbor’s view (or vice versa). This privacy net from Skymall provides a level of discretion, while still not blocking the air flow on your property.

The attractive stripped netting fastens securely to your deck or balcony railing by a simple cord, easily latched and easily removed as it meets your needs. The net is 15 feet long, and 34 inches tall, designed to cover one side of an average deck or one run of a balcony. Multiple nets can be set up side by side to cover larger areas.

Photo: Courtesy of Skymall

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