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13 Awesome Human-Powered Snow Removal Tools

If you live in a snowy climate you've probably removed your fair share of snow, but do you have the best snow removal tools when you need to go unplugged? These human-powered tools will help battle the buildup whether you're at home or on the go.

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Snow Pusher

Take a load off your back with a snow removal tool pusher. A lightweight alternative to a snowblower, this wheeled shovel pushes easily in moderate snowfalls up to five inches deep.

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Hand Plow

Save time by pushing an extra wide snow removal tool shovel to clear sidewalks in one pass, and driveways in half the time. And look for a model with a U shaped handle for the ease of pushing a shopping cart.

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Customized Shovel Grips

Save yourself the backache of shoveling snow with a grip customized to your body and height. And attach a handle grip to any long-handled tool—including snow shovels – to reduce bending and back strain.

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High-Capacity Scoop

If you’ve got the muscle, choose a snow removal tool shovel with a high capacity scoop and foot hold for digging into heavy snowfalls.

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shutterstock_43742497 snow sweep broomDirk Ott/Shutterstock

Brush it Off

Keep a standard shop broom handy to sweep light dustings off walkways before they turn into a dangerous icy glaze glaze.

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kylin ice breaker scraper

Hack Through Ice

An icy sidewalk is a major hazard. Use a straight-edged root-cutting snow removal tool year round to break and scrape ice in the wintertime.

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shutterstock_532263652 get rid of ice in winter saltND700/Shutterstock

Get Ahead of the Snow

Reduce snow removal by preparing ahead of time. Lay down salt or brine on high traffic areas before any winter storms to melt light snow and break up ice as it accumulates.

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stalwartspreader salt ice remover shaker

Use a Seed Spreader

Simplify the task of laying sidewalk salts by refilling a handheld seed spreader and covering smaller areas more frequently. Plus, here’s what you should know about municipal ice melt methods.

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Teflon Snow Repellent

Use a Teflon repellent on everything from shovels to gutters to your satellite dish to keep snow buildup from sticking before the storm hits.

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Spray the Snow Away

Spray away snow with this snow removal tool before, during or after a storm with a natural liquid deicer with a battery powered spray nozzle. A non-toxic deicer is safe to use on pavement, wood decks, even lawns and around delicate shrubs and trees. So how does sidewalk salt affect your home and yard?

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How to Prevent Ice Dams

Prevent damaging ice dams by removing roof accumulation with a snow removal tool roof rake. And look for a model with a telescoping handle, or extra handle lengths that snap together. Here’s how to prevent ice dams with deicing cables.

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shutterstock_369292922 car windshield brush snow removalBorozentsev/Shutterstock

All-in-One Snow Removal Tool

Keep a tool that works double-time in your vehicle all winter long. Look for an ice and snow remover that has both a scraper and a brush to tackle whatever winter throws at your windshield.

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shutterstock_231782788 collapsible shovelIrinaK/Shutterstock

Compact Shovel Kit

Don’t get caught unarmed on the go. Keep a space-saving shovel that collapses or pulls apart in your car for emergency bailouts, and use these tips to stay out of the ditch.

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