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13 ‘Going Green’ Myths, Busted

The truth about when to turn off lights or use your air conditioner.

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Myth: You should always turn off the lights every time you leave the room

Fact: Turn off incandescents if you’re leaving the room for more than five seconds; CFLs, if you’ll be gone at least 15 minutes. Here’s our guide to the many different types of lightbulbs, and how to choose the best ones for your home.

Here’s what you need to know about CFL bulbs.

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Myth: You don’t really need to unplug small electronic devices

Fact: Unplug. Even easier, plug everything into power strips with on/off switches. Keeping things unplugged is better for the environment–plus, it’ll save you a lot of money.

Learn about the energy vampires lurking in your home.

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Myth: Washing in cold water won’t get your clothes clean

Truth: Washing your clothes in warm or even cold water will get rid of almost any grime, except for the worst dirt or oily stains. Switch from hot to warm water to cut energy use in half; cold, to cut it even more. Even seasoned homeowners make these laundry mistakes.

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Myth: It’s better to wash dishes by hand

Fact: Use the dishwasher, but stick to full loads, use the pot-scrubber option only if necessary, and hit the no-heat or air-dry option. And chances are, you’re loading your dishwasher wrong.

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Myth: Scour clean every jar you plan to recycle

Fact: Don’t fret over getting that peanut butter jar squeaky clean. Rinse out what you can, then recycle. Or, if it’s a smaller jar, consider reusing it.

Check out these items that are perfect for repurposing.

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Myth: Leave soda bottle tops on for recycling

Fact: Off with their heads! Or just stop buying plastic bottles altogether. Here are 10 other disposable items you should really stop buying.

Here’s how to decipher those plastic recycling numbers.

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Myth: Paper is better than plastic. Or, plastic is better than paper.

Fact: Paper and plastic are both lousy choices. Grocery shop with your own reusable canvas bags. Here are some surprisingly simple ways to save big at the grocery store.

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Myth: In public restrooms, paper towels are better than hot air dryers

Fact: If there’s a choice, go for the hot air.

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Myth: It’s fine to leave your computer on when you leave work for the day

Fact: If you won’t be using your machine for 20 minutes, turn off the monitor. If it won’t be needed for more than two hours, turn off the computer. Here are some other simple habits that’ll lead you to a greener life.

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Myth: Those ‘paper-only’ blue recycling bins are literally for only paper

Fact: You can toss in newspapers, cardboard, magazines, envelopes with the plastic windows, and even the occasional staple.

This is the easiest way to recycle plastic bags.

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Myth: You’re better off letting your car idle

Fact: Idle for 30 seconds if you must. Longer than that: Turn it off. Also…letting your car idle might be illegal, so there’s that, too.

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Myth: But you should idle your car in really cold weather before driving

Fact: Turn it on and go. Warming up your car in the winter is actually wasting your money.

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Myth: You should always drive with the windows down/AC off to save on gas

Fact: On the highway, do what feels most comfortable. But around town, try to drive with the window down. Your hair will be a mess, but you’ll save some gas. Did you know that your sunroof might pose a scary health hazard if you drive one of these 10 cars?

This is how many MPG you’re losing by running your car’s AC.

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