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13 Pantry Organization Tools You Can Totally Use

The experts weigh in with Pinterest-worthy pantry organization ideas!

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Door organizercourtesy

Door Organizer

This is a great trick for anyone with a small pantry. See Vanessa Craft shows us how to add more space by using the back of the pantry door—simply hang thin wire shelves (or an over-the-door hanger) on the inside for storing small items like spices. Another benefit? Your organized pantry will help you save $$ at the grocery store! Here’s how you can stock up your pantry on a budget.

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Pantry full of jarsCourtesy

Glass Jars

Forget the open boxes and half-empty bags. 100 Days of Real Food knows how to keep things uniform—and rustic chic—by putting dry ingredients like pasta, rice, oatmeal and other grains in glass jars. Then stick on cute handwritten labels so you know what’s what. (These jar and label sets are perfect!) These genius ideas will get you started toward building a pantry.

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Wire pantry filled with itemscourtesy

Wire Baskets

Not only are Marie-Chantal’s wire racks trendy, they’re also practical. You can clearly see what’s inside so you don’t have to rummage around trying to find the only brand of coffee your husband will drink. Keep your fruits and vegetables off the counter with these solutions.

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Cans organized in plastic containerscourtesy

Can Containers

All those canned vegetables and soups you have are easy to stack—but it doesn’t make for a very visually-appealing pantry. A Bowl Full of Lemons shows us how to organize your cans by type (fruits, veggies, soups, etc.) then place in narrow plastic containers (like these stackable ones). See what one reader came up with to store their cans in the pantry.

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Mom Always Finds Out snack-organizercourtesy

Snack Station

Here’s another way to use the back of the door for extra storage a la Mom Always Finds Out. Hang an over-the-door shoe holder to act as a “snack station.” Fill the slots with wrapped or bagged snacks (pretzels, homemade snack mix, granola bars, etc.) to grab ‘n’ go. You’ll wish you knew these pantry organization tricks sooner.

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Chips clipped onto the wall of the pantrycourtesy

Handy Hooks

Give half-eaten bags of chips a home, thanks to this genius idea from Fennell Seeds. Just stick Command hooks on the side of the pantry. You can hang bags from the hooks by the hole in your chip clip. So easy! (We’ve got recipes to help use up those potato chips, too.)

Make sure you’re not keeping any of these items in the pantry too long.

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Decor and the Dog chalk chiccourtesy

Chic Chalkboard

Decor & the Dog has the ultimate grocery list! Paint the interior doors of your pantry with chalkboard paint. Just update the board each week with what you have in stock or need to buy. It can double as a menu, too. This would be a huge help when you meal plan.

Try adding a picture frame message board of your own to the kitchen.

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Honey Bear Lane lazy susancourtesy

Corner Saver

The corner of your pantry can be difficult to organize—what can you put there that won’t get buried in the back or fit awkwardly? The solution from Honeybear Lane: a lazy Susan! (This is how the lazy Susan got its name.) The spinning wheel is perfect for a corner space and prevents anything from being forgotten. Here are a bunch more genius ways to use a lazy Susan in your kitchen.

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pantry rice storagecourtesy

Recipe Keeper

Putting food into pretty jars and containers has one downside: You lose the cooking instructions that are typically on the original packaging. To avoid that (and avoid ruining your next dinner), Cookin’ Canuck attaches labels to containers with directions for things like rice, grains and oats. Grab a label maker and get started! This is how professional chefs keep their pantries organized.

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Spice packet organization boxcourtesy

Savvy Spice Packets

Goodbye, piles of spice packets strewn throughout the pantry! Pick up a plain wood box from your local craft store and paint to your liking (this example from Two Twenty One uses a colored stain). It’s the perfect size to store your packets. DIY even more with these homemade spice blends.

Try one of these farmhouse finds to transform your kitchen.

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Gather and Flourish labelscourtesy

Handwritten Labels

Both pretty and practical, Gather & Flourish’s labels are a must for any Pinterest-worthy pantry. You can use chalkboard labels or stickers if you want the option to change it up. But for a more permanent version, we love her trendy printables that you can transfer onto glass. These incredible kitchen storage hacks will leave you loving the additional room.

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A Cultivated Nest diy-magnetic-dollar-store-spice-rackcourtesy

Magnetic Spice Rack

If you keep your spices in your pantry, stick them to the inside of the door. A Cultivated Nest explains that you can easily DIY this organizer with a cookie sheet and mini magnetic containers. Don’t forget the labels! Make it easier to find those smaller spice containers with this hack.

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Mom Endeavors Pantry-Can-Organizationcourtesy

Smart Shelves

So, you know baskets and containers lead to a perfect pantry. But how do you decide what goes where? Here’s a great rule of thumb from Mom Endeavors: Put rarely used items higher up, then canned vegetables, sauces, etc. Keep what you use every day at eye level. You could try this spice rack idea for a drawer, too!

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