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13 Unexpected Attic Spaces You’ll Adore

If you're lucky enough to have an accessible attic space, you're one step away from a unique feature that will boost your living space and the value of your home. Read on for 13 trends you won't want to miss.

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Built-in Storage

Finding the space for built-in storage solutions can be tricky; but with an attic space is easily found. And low gable walls and steep-pitched roofs are the perfect spot to find extra space for creative storage solutions that maximize space.
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Create Light

Even in an attic space that lacks natural light, you can create a feeling of openness by sticking to light paint colors, installing recessed lighting and ensuring window coverings are sheer.
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Create a BathroomArtazum/Shutterstock

Create a Bathroom

With a little careful planning, you can still get an elegant bathroom in a small space, and an attic space is included. Make use of the highest point for a full shower and tuck shorter elements neatly into alcoves and gables.
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Form and Function

Form and Function

When it comes to maximizing attic space, make sure everything has a function. This bookshelf railing is a perfect way to maximize storage space and safety in an attic. And better yet, a bookcase is easy to build, making it a budget-friendly DIY project. Photo: Courtesy of Just Call Me Homegirl
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Separate Your Space

Separate Your Space

Make the most of an attic space renovation by using a partition to separate living spaces, hide clutter or add privacy. And a partial separation of furniture or other large items can help define a large living area into separate functions. Photo: Courtesy of Thrifty Decor Chick
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Make an EntranceArtazum/Shutterstock

Make an Entrance

Create a little intrigue to your finished attic with a space-saving set of pull-down stairs. Just remember to be a smart homeowner and practice ladder safety at all times.
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Embrace the DarkShayeRyan/Shutterstock

Embrace the Dark

Attics and basements tend to suffer from low ceilings and lack of light, which make them perfect locations for a home theater to delight and entertain your family and friends. Here's how to get the perfect home theater setup in your home.
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Go Outside

With this window from Velux, you can enjoy the great outdoors from your renovated attic space. And this ingenious design creates a convertible mini balcony from an attic skylight and can even create the perfect environment for an amazing container garden.
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Make BelieveArchideaphoto/Shutterstock

Make Believe

Nothing could be more magical than an attic space playroom filled with all the wonders of childhood. Check out our collection of amazing toy rooms and get ready to put the fun in functional.
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Cozy up With a Book

Make use of a sunny corner with a multi-purpose reading nook. Use any one of our DIY furniture guides to create a customized attic space that can double as extra storage or guest quarters without skimping on style.
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Don't Hide the BeamsPlusONE/Shutterstock

Don't Hide the Beams

Roof Trusses play an integral part of the stability of your house, but finishing an attic below the truss can make it feel a little cramped. Consider staining or painting the exposed trusses and finishing the rest to create an airy and inviting space.
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Rethink Your Closet

Rethink Your Closet

Whether you live in a home that lacks closet space, or if you are considering building a master suite in the attic space, creating a purpose built-dressing area will make you feel like royalty. And will add a ton of value to your home. The best news is, building a custom closet doesn't need to cost an arm or a leg! Photo: Courtesy of Closet City
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Hidden Entrance

Let's be honest—secret stairways aren't just great storage—they're ultra cool, too. Dress up the entrance to your attic space renovation with a surprising bookcase doorway. All you need to do is build a bookcase and affix it to a door frame for instant mystery.