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14 Amazing DIY Decor Ideas for Christmas

Christmas was made for DIY. With these 14 mind-blowing do-it-yourself decor ideas, you'll be able to put a sparkle in every room of your home this Christmas. Ready to get crafty?

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Holiday String ArtCourtesy of Melina Gates

Holiday String Art

String art is a wildly popular DIY decor idea right now and for a good reason. It's simple, the color combinations are endless, and it can be easily modified for any season or event. Just be sure to pick the right size of nail to sink into the wood and leave enough space between the nails for several layers of embroidery thread or string. And print out or trace an outline to use as a guide or draw your design freehand directly on the wood.
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Spell it Out

This DIY decor idea lets you express yourself in words! You can create any phrase you like with some reclaimed wood for the back and purchased letters. And better yet, create the whole alphabet and you can keep changing the message all year long!

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Bathroom Decor

The holidays mean lots of visitors, and that means lots of people using the guest bathroom. This neat shelf made from an old sled can hold toilet paper, towels, extra soap, or anything a guest might need, and is a great way to use a repurposed item in your decor.

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Stair Decor

Lighted garland isn't the only way to decorate a bannister for the holidays. These Christmas bundles can easily be made by foraging for twigs, sticks and greenery in your yard and neighborhood and tying everything together with bright ribbon and a few ornaments for good measure. And best of all, the handrail remains free of decorations which is an integral part of home safety.
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Card Holder

'Tis the season for piles of Christmas cards to pour in from family and friends. And proudly display these sentiments of caring with a little DIY decor removable masking tape and string and create a Christmas Card Tree for all to see.
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Front Door Decor

There's something about a decorated front door at Christmas that beckons visitors in for a warm visit. And this DIY decor idea suggests you think beyond the traditional pot of pine tree tops to create a uniquely themed montage to the holidays. Breathe new life into an old wagon, for example, for a perfect starting point. The rest is up to your imagination
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Extraordinary Ornaments

Extraordinary Ornaments

If you do a search for DIY decor Christmas ornaments, you'll never run out of great ideas. These log slice ornaments, however, are super easy to make, and you get to use a miter saw to slice the wood, which is always a good thing in our book. Check out these other easy ideas on how to make ornaments. Photo: Courtesy of Satori Design for Living
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Light It Up

When looking for DIY decor ideas, it's all about the shimmering lights during the holidays. And with these DIY hanging stars, a little wood glue, yardsticks and paint, you can create a multitude of starts to light up the night.
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Elegant Centerpiece

Floral centerpieces are great, but they can take up a lot of space and require careful monitoring so they don't dry out. Seeing as its hard enough to squeeze everyone around the holiday table, this simple centerpiece is cool and elegant while allowing everyone to converse.
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PVC Wreath

Why go green, when you can go PVC? This neat wreath is a great hack, using PVC plumbing pipe, construction adhesive and spray paint to create a wreath that lets everyone know you are a Family Handyman kind of home.
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Lawn Decor

Lawn Decor

Here's a DIY decor idea for your yard that embraces repurposing. Your former tires can truly become snow tires, thanks to this cute lawn decor that won't blow away in the wind. And use your imagination and combine different sized tires to create a snow family to delight the neighborhood. Photo: Courtesy of Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons
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Paper Garland

The great thing about DIY decor ideas for Christmas decorations is that they don't need to be difficult. Paper chain DIY Christmas garland is perfect, for even the littlest DIYers and can be hung just about anywhere. So hit garage sales and dollar stores for colorful paper and get snipping to create a beautiful garland on a dime.
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Pine Cone TreesCourtesy of Melina Gillies

Pine Cone Trees

No room for a big tree in your home? Combine spools of thread, pine cones, glitter and beads to create a grove of miniature Christmas trees! And experiment with color and size to add visual appeal. Just be sure to use these Christmas storage tricks, and they will last for years to come.
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Fabric Bunting

A lot can be done with fabric scraps. This festive bunting is another fun craft for the kids which doesn't require a lot of sewing know how. And create your own DIY craft center and you will be able to make cool crafts all year long!