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14 Amazing Portable Fire Pits

Who says you can't take it with you when you go? The backyard party goes anywhere you do when you have one of these amazing, portable fire pits! These aren't run-of-the-mill fire pits everyone in the neighborhood already has. These unique fire holders really make a statement. Check them out!

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Swedish Torch Log fire pitsPhoto: Courtesy of Benda Porter-Rockwell

Swedish Torch

Take the party wherever friends and family gather. The Swedish torch is an easy-to-build, portable fire pit. Salvage a tree trunk or another large chunk of wood that’s cut flat on the bottom so it will stand on end. Use can use a chainsaw to cut an ‘X’ across the top. Then drill two 2-inch holes—one on the side and one on the top. The two holes should connect in the center of the log. Air easily flows through the side hole with the flame coming through the top. The sawdust from the drilling becomes a ready-made source of fuel to warm the spirits or fill the belly. The beauty of this fire pit is that you don’t have to keep stoking it since the fire burns from the inside out, giving lasting heat for hours.

Chainsaw need sharpening? Here’s how to do it.

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Washing Machine Drum fire pitKapustin Igor/Shutterstock

Washing Machine Drum

You’ve tried to repair your washing machine, but sometimes the end is really the end. Before you recycle your old appliance, remove the drum. Upcycle it for a second life as a fire pit. The steel construction and built-in drain holes allow air to circulate throughout the drum and help keep the fire burning.

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Folding Fire Pit

This is a portable outdoor fire pit that fits in your backpack, making it easy to go from the campsite to the backyard BBQ in no time. This portable outdoor fire pit weighs just three pounds and this fire pit/grill is made from stainless steel. The pit can be set up in 30 seconds and is designed to safely hold a fire and keep flames away from the ground. Looking for more camping gear? Check out these Check out these 10 cool camping gadgets to try.

Photo: Courtesy of UCO Gear

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Flower Power Fire Pit

S’mores, party of one? If it’s just you melting chocolate and marshmallows into graham crackers, you don’t need to build a bonfire. A flower pot, a bag of egg stones and chaffing gel come together to form a portable, pint-sized fire pit. At the end of the season, you’ll have no trouble finding space in the garage to store it.

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Eyed Dove

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Wooden Fire Pit

You’d think a wood-burning wooden fire pit is a recipe for a quick pile of smoldering ash, right? If so, you’d be wrong. A sheet metal liner helps keep the fire going and the structure intact, so you can transport your fire pit to the next gathering. Here are 10 woodworking tips to review before you get started on this project.

Photo: Courtesy of JON_A_TRON at Instructables

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Real Steel, Matey

Weld your own portable fire pit ring, or, if you’ve got masterful metalworking skills, you can raise the Jolly Roger flag on your very own fire pit pirate ship. You’ll have no trouble shanghai-ing a few friends to help move this creation from one party to the next.

Photo: Courtesy of

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Foursquare Fire Pit

Become the mayor of your own backyard with this square metal fire pit ring. A fire ring like this helps keep your fire contained anywhere in the yard or the campsite. With this simple design you can join your corners with a weld or use these tips for drilling holes for brackets and screws.

Photo: Courtesy of The Brick House

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Free-Standing Pagoda

This free-standing fire pit complements any landscape style. The pagoda design features a mesh screen to help keep the fire contained. At almost 50 pounds, it’ll take two to move the pit from one location to the next. The heat-resistant paint finish means you’ll have many years of backyard fun with little maintenance. If this design doesn’t work for you, here are 12 more amazing fire pit ideas to choose from.

Photo: Courtesy Fire Sense

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Steel Tire Rim Fire Pit

You can likely find old pick-up truck tire rims at your local you-pick auto yard or junkyard to create this low-cost tire rim fire pit. Not only can you move your tire rim fire pit across the yard or across town anytime, but it’s also not hard to build. Check out these steps for building your no-weld fire pit.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

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Burning Cauldron

Both Harry Potter and Clint Eastwood would be proud … and a little envious of this burning cauldron fire pit. Made of American, handcrafted of steel, this kind of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap.

Photo: Courtesy of Cowboy Cauldron Co.

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Cover & Carry Fire Pit

Convenient cover and carrying handles make this fire pit super portable. At just less than 20 inches in diameter, this portable outdoor fire pit can go anywhere and be stored easily in your RV, camper, trunk, shed, garage or closet, once it has completely cooled down. And if you’re thinking you can’t fit another thing in your garage, here are more than 50 tips for organizing your garage.

Photo: Courtesy of Outland Living

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Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Cart or buggy? No matter what you call it, this rolling fire pit is a hot bed of fun on wheels. Once you add a spark screen and a base to catch the embers, you’ll never be far from an easy heat source or grill. You can even store extra wood underneath, making it easy to wheel the entertainment from one yard to the next. Cut down a tree safely if you need firewood for your fire pit on wheels.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

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Mini Fire Bowl

Great for a beach getaway when you can’t build a fire in the sand, this 22-inch mini fire pit folds up and can be toted anywhere. This mini fire pit comes with a log grate, cooking grate and carrying bag. Perfect for one or two people, this metal fire pit costs around $40.

This is one item you won’t find at Harbor Freight, but here are 20 other camping related items you can buy there.

Photo: Courtesy of Fire Sense

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Logs fire pitPeter Turner Photography/Shutterstock


Logs are a perfect (reasonably) portable fire pit option for building a fire pit. Whether you’re camping in the woods or you’ve salvaged logs after cutting down a tree in the city, they’re in plentiful supply and inexpensive. Think safety when cutting down a tree, no matter your environment.