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14 Bathroom Vanities That Will Blow Your Mind

While bathroom vanities need to be functional, they are also one of the biggest focal points of a bathroom, which means they are at the top of the list for beautiful design. Luckily, your bathroom vanity can be both functional and fashion-forward. This assortment of 14 breathtaking bathroom vanities will make a statement worth seeing.

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Granite and WoodBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Granite and Wood

This granite countertop looks perfect atop an art deco-style vanity, showing how a little paint and a new countertop can totally transform a worn-out vanity. The fluted vessel sink also gives a modern feel to an otherwise traditional space.
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Self-Rimming StyleStockforlife/Shutterstock

Self-Rimming Style

For a quick update that will change a bathroom, consider a new drop-in sink in a self-rimming style. In this bathroom, the white sink is complemented by the natural wood vanity top. For more quick updates, learn how you can transform your bathroom in a weekend by clicking here.
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Refined Rustic

Refined Rustic

This bathroom combines sleek and rustic in perfect harmony. The faux wood tile is the perfect backdrop for the modern two-legged vanity, and the open design makes the bathroom feel spacious. Leaving the handles off the medicine cabinet provides ample storage but doesn't overwhelm the space. Learn how to remodel a small bathroom to feel bigger by clicking here. Photo: Gerety Building & Restoration
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Floating Modernismcorey kaminski/Shutterstock

Floating Modernism

Wall-mounted vanities provide tons of closed storage and make floor cleaning a breeze! This matching vanity set is a perfect touch of bold against crisp, white walls.
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Monotone Vesselsrawmn/Shutterstock

Monotone Vessels

Many bathroom vanities employ contrasting colors, but this vanity proves that monochromatic can be a good thing. The play of beige and brown gives a refined look to what would otherwise be a very whimsical bathroom sink. Plus: 28 Tips for Becoming a Master Plumber
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Vintage GlamMarko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Vintage Glam

This vanity combo takes the curved-front sink, marble and subway tile to vintage glam without overdoing it. The sleek, black accents add some modern flair to the space to keep it from feeling dated.
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Open StorageBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Open Storage

You can have open storage in a bathroom with the right accessories. Open bathroom vanities are perfect for their space-saving design but can quickly become cluttered. Keep things neat with woven baskets to hide all of your stuff. Plus: How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink Without Using Chemicals
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Sleek Texture

The unique chipboard feel of this otherwise modern bathroom vanity adds an industrial air that pairs well with the black work lamps. Choosing long, sleek handles for the vanity provides a contrast that is magazine worthy.
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Dresser RevampKUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

Dresser Revamp

One of the biggest trends in bathroom vanities is to repurpose an old dresser for use in a bathroom—and it can be a relatively cheap alternative to buying new. With a little woodworking know-how and a weekend, you can create a vanity that is one-of-a-kind.
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Barnboard BaseJN-chantalao/Shutterstock

Barnboard Base

There are two essential items that make farmhouse style: barn board and shiplap. This vanity gets it perfect with a thick piece of distressed wood as the base for the sink.
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Double the StyleTom Baker/Shutterstock

Double the Style

A great alternative to a long double vanity is to create two distinctive spaces by placing two matching vanities side-by-side. If space is at a minimum, a tall storage unit can be placed between the two for linens and toiletries. This setup provides a beautiful curved vanity look. Plus: Signs of Poorly Vented Plumbing
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Rock ItXanderSt/Shutterstock

Rock It

This hollowed rock and raw-edge vanity top provide perfect wow factor in this bathroom. Paired with a Victorian gooseneck faucet and storage baskets underneath, the result is a stunning curved vanity.
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Go Naturalthitiwat chirayutwibul/Shutterstock

Go Natural

The great thing about bathroom design is that the only limits are your imagination. These wood barrel sinks are an excellent example of incorporating unique vessels for your vanity. Tin feeding troughs and industrial apron-style farm sinks are also a home run when eclectic style is in the mix and create a great curved vanity look. Plus: How to Install a Vanity Sink
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Rethink VanitySergey Ryzhov/Shutterstock

Rethink Vanity

Who says your bathroom vanity needs to be a vanity at all? This vanity proves the point that anything goes—and can make an impressive statement with the right space. This vanity has style and substance, and even has a built-in basket for towels!