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14 Dreamy DIY Headboard Ideas

Your bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, where you can relax at the end of a long day and take pride in your surroundings. What better way to achieve this than with a headboard of your very own creation? Check out these dreamy DIY headboard ideas that will make you love where you sleep.

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DIY Headboard: Cozy NookUsanee/Shutterstock

DIY Headboard: Cozy Nook

This simple DIY headboard provides a cozy nook to lean back in and read a book. You can create this easy wall-mounted DIY headboard project with lightweight MDF. Another great idea: create this under bed storage box to keep the clutter at bay.
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DIY headboard: Tufted LuxuryIglenas/Shutterstock

DIY headboard: Tufted Luxury

All you need to recreate this luxurious look is some gorgeous velveteen fabric, upholstery thread, needles, cotton batting and buttons. As the frame is completely concealed, you can use a plywood base and pre-drill where you want the button tufts to be for easy completion.
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DIY headboard: Sleek LeatherMJTH/Shutterstock

DIY headboard: Sleek Leather

This DIY headboard is a simple butt-joint frame with leather insert, and it can be made in a multitude of color options—or replace the leather with fabric. You can even paint the leather for a fresh look which is sure to impress.
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DIY headboard: Simple Storage

DIY headboard: Simple Storage

For the nighttime reader, this DIY storage headboard idea can store a mini library within reach. You can replicate this DIY headboard look by constructing our simple box shelves and adding a little bit of molding. A glossy soft-white paint would perfectly complete the look.
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World TravelsArchiVIZ/Shutterstock

World Travels

As far as DIY headboard ideas go, this floating mural is world-class. The sheer size of the wooden map is what makes it an ideal focal point in this minimalist bedroom. For the same look at a fraction of the cost, consider a removable map decal like this one, available at Amazon.
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DIY headboard: Dorm Style

DIY headboard: Dorm Style

For dorm room style with ample storage, nothing could be easier than a set of stacked wooden crates and a sheet of plywood for a DIY headboard. As most dorm rooms won't allow you to attach items to the wall, this DIY storage headboard option can easily be bolted to a metal bed frame for support.
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DIY headboard: Floral FancyWorldWide/Shutterstock

DIY headboard: Floral Fancy

If tufts aren't your thing, you can create a beautiful masterpiece with a simple floral covered headboard. A Staple gun, cotton batting and a piece of wood are all you need to create this elegant statement—and since you'll never want to leave your room, you'll want to make sure it's in tip-top shape. Check out our tips on how to declutter your closet, for an oasis you'll love.
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Wall WorthySvet_Feo/Shutterstock

Wall Worthy

This sleek bedroom has a headboard and focal wall in one. The smooth wood, arranged in an angular pattern adds visual interest, which could be modified to a rural feel with rustic pine. Prefer a more traditional look? Check out our weekend wall-panel project that will change the look of your bedroom for a fraction of the cost.
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DIY headboard: Hidden StorageKUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

DIY headboard: Hidden Storage

Create a DIY headboard setup with hidden storage, and you'll never have to close the door again when guests arrive. Our simple face-frame cabinets will allow you to make custom cabinets to fit your space and give you the satisfaction of creating them yourself.
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DIY headboard: Pallet

DIY headboard: Pallet Prestige

Pallet furniture is all the rage, especially when it comes to DIY headboard ideas. Shop local salvage yards to find used pallets for a reasonable price. To get this look, just screw a pallet to the wall, add some string lights and you're done! Check out a sleek-looking pallet side table you could add next to the bed.
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Industrial EdgeNaphat_Jorjee/Shutterstock

Industrial Edge

The gray wall and matching concrete-gray fabric headboard provide a comfortable place to lean while reading without overwhelming the space. Pair it with industrial pendant lights to complete the look, but be sure to avoid the top 10 electrical mistakes homeowners make!
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DIY headboard: Antique DoorIglenas/Shutterstock

DIY headboard: Antique Door

An old, unwanted door can make a perfect DIY headboard, either placed vertically or horizontally for a more substantial look. Trim the top with crown molding and paint it with your favorite color for a show-stopping look that will suit any space. You'd be amazed what looks great repurposed, like these items that are perfect for repurposing.
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Delicate Scrollrobinimages2013/Shutterstock

Delicate Scroll

Once you get a grip on cutting curves in wood, you'll be able to create a fantastic headboard worthy of praise, with a little patience and basic know-how.
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City View

Create the look of a city skyline with removable decals that create an impressive headboard in a flash. Removable decals can be found in most hardware and home stores in a multitude of designs. The only trouble you'll have is deciding on a design!

With so many DIY headboard ideas, it’s no wonder a DIY headboard is one of the top trending DIY projects of 2022.