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14 Inspiring DIY Flower Walls

Move over planters and flower beds. This year, everyone wants a living flower wall! Display your favorite flowers and plants in a vertical arrangement, whether on your deck, patio or even inside your home. Here are 14 ideas to inspire you.

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Flower Basket Wall

If you have a privacy fence, try attaching some pots to the fence. You can add as many or as few as you like and mix and match different types of containers. A variety of flowers can create a beautiful display you’ll love all season long.

Photo: Courtesy of Garden Lovers Club

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Vent Wall

While doing some home renovation work, this DIYer came across an old gable vent from the attic. After the vent was cleaned up and they turned the vent into a planter and hung on a fence! You can get a similar look using an old window shutter.

Photo: Courtesy of Farmhouse 38

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Sunroom Succulent Wall

This living wall was created in a sunroom with a sheet of plywood and boxes made from pine. Use the boxes to plant flowers, succulents or herbs. Get instructions for the project at East Coast Creative.

Photo: Courtesy of East Coast Creative

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Pallet Wall

Here’s yet another project that uses an old wooden pallet. You’ll need some landscape fabric to attach to the back side of the pallet, then fill with soil and plant your flowers. Prop the planted pallet up against a wall or fence.

Photo: Courtesy of AVSO.ORG

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Shoe Organizer Wall

For an easy flower wall, take an old shoe organizer—the kind you hang on the back of a door—and give it a new life. Just hang it in a sunny spot in the yard, fill the pockets with soil and then plant flowers and herbs.

Photo: Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

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Monogram Wall Planter

Welcome visitors to your home with a monogram wall planter. To make this cedar planter, you’ll need a nail gun, some wood glue and a miter saw, along with cedar and brad nails.

Photo: Courtesy of Ellery Designs

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Mattress Spring Flower Wall

This clever DIYer used old mattress springs for a flower wall. The springs are hung on the side of the house near the patio. 

Next, check out our favorite raised flower bed ideas.

Photo: Courtesy of Modern Shelter Blog

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Hanging Frame Wall

If you’re looking for an easy woodworking project, try building your own frame to use as a living wall. Use landscape fabric or even plastic on the back to contain the soil, and then hang the whole thing on a wall or fence.

Photo: Courtesy of Earth 911

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Fire Hose Wall

This DIYer created a vertical garden out of an old fire hose. Sections of the hose were cut and the ends were closed to create pockets. The pockets were attached to a wooden gate and small rocks (for drainage), soil and plants were added. A surefire DIY flower wall!

Photo: Courtesy of Little Things

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Wall Planters

Try making some small planter boxes and then attach them to some plywood like this DIYer did. If you want to keep bees away from the patio or deck, plant herbs instead of flowers.

Photo: Courtesy of Ruggy DIY

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Rain Gutter Wall

Try using some old rain gutters to create a flower wall. For a smaller version, you could attach just one or two gutters to a fence and then plant cascading flowers.

Photo: Courtesy of DMA Homes

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Trellis Wall

If you’re looking to grow roses, add a trellis for an easy flower wall. Climbing roses come in a variety of vibrant colors and will attract plenty of bees and butterflies to your yard.

Photo: Courtesy of My Garden Trellis

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Living Wall Planter

This type of living wall planter can be hung on the outside of your home near the entryway or on a back deck. To get a similar look, use an old drawer as the planter box or use some scrap wood to build the box. Or, if you’d rather buy than build this planter, you can do that here.

Photo: Courtesy of Kinsman Company

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Felt Flower Wall

This flower wall is made of Florafelt. It features pockets in which you plant flowers, herbs or succulents. It can be anchored to a wall or fence. There are varieties you can purchase online, or try creating a similar look with some landscaping fabric.

Photo: Courtesy of Vivienne’s Process of Elimination

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