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14 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Yard

Whether you dream of lush, green grass or a vegetable garden with a bounty of produce, there are things you can resolve to do to make sure your yard looks better in the new year. Here are 14 new year's resolutions for your yard.

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Manage Pests Naturallyjavelin/Shutterstock

Manage Pests Naturally

If you are gardener, educate yourself about the various pests that visit your garden so you can take the necessary steps to avoid problems. And if you do need to use sprays, vow to avoid toxic pesticides and instead opt to use earth-friendly products that are both safe for pets and people.
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Use Water WiselyDmitrySteshenko/Shutterstock

Use Water Wisely

This coming new years resolutions, use your water wisely to keep your plants hydrated and healthy. And try collecting rain water in a barrel. You can also add a timer so you won't forget to turn off your sprinkler.
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Cut Grass to the Correct Heightkurhan/Shutterstock

Cut Grass to the Correct Height

If you cut your grass to the right height, it will grow healthy and strong. And to do this, know what kind of grass species you have as grasses have different needs.
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Grow More VegetablesDel Boy/Shutterstock

Grow More Vegetables

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a gardening novice, make new year's resolutions to add raised garden beds or an extra planter this spring. And you'll enjoy more homegrown food and add some extra color and texture to your yard.
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Make CompostEvan Lorne/Shutterstock

Make Compost

Resolve to save your vegetable waste for compost. And build a compost barrel tumbler, which will allow you to turn all those scraps into a nutrient-rich compost to add to your soil. Bonus: You'll also reduce the amount of trash you put out to the curb each week.
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Recycle Grass Clippings bffphotography/Shutterstock

Recycle Grass Clippings

This year, leave your grass clippings where they fall instead of throwing them away. And grass clippings work as a natural mulch and will decompose and help create nutrient-rich soil.
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Plant Some Colorsirtravelalot/Shutterstock

Plant Some Color

No matter what part of the country you live in, make new year's resolutions to find some blooms to add color to your yard. And try building some planter boxes to house your flowers, grow them in baskets or even plant them among your vegetables for a contrast of colors and textures.
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Sharpen the BladeLuckykot/Shutterstock

Sharpen the Blade

A sharp lawn mower blade will make mowing quicker and easier, plus it is better for your lawn. And consider buying an extra blade so that when one needs sharpening you can be using the other one.
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Get PruningMinerva Studio/Shutterstock

Get Pruning

When pruning your trees and shrubs this season, remember to never remove more than a quarter of a tree's crown in one single season. And use sharp tools and a pole pruner for high, hard-to-reach branches. When it comes to really big jobs, call a professional.
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Welcome Some Wildlifesasimoto/Shutterstock

Welcome Some Wildlife

You'll want to encourage some visitors to your garden, including pollinators, butterflies and birds. And welcome wildlife with a DIY bird feeder, a mix of flowers and fruit-bearing plants.
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Add LightGrisha Bruev/Shutterstock

Add Light

Enjoy your yard at all hours with some outdoor lighting. Whether you add some simple string lights to your patio area, motion sensor lights or some task lighting along a walkway. Lights can add a finishing touch to your landscaping.
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Select the Right Tree or Shrubmaxbelchenko/Shutterstock

Select the Right Tree or Shrub

Before planting a tree or shrub this year, make sure you know where you want it to go, the soil type and how much sunlight it will receive in that location. And maintenance including how much cleanup and pruning the species requires—should also be considered.
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Train Your DogMitjaM/Shutterstock

Train Your Dog

If you have a dog, one of your new year's resolutions should be to try spot-training him to use one area of the yard. Many pet owners have an area of the lawn with mulch or gravel for their dog to do their business. And this will cut down on the number of urine spots you have in your yard.
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shutterstock_37267939 mowing the lawn checker pattern grassPRESNIAKOV OLEKSANDR/Shutterstock

Change Up Direction

When mowing, avoid going in the same direction every time you mow the lawn, which can lead to compacted soil and more weeds. And instead, change up the pattern regularly.

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