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15 Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

Just because it's Black Friday, that doesn't mean you must hit the mall and big box stores with everyone else. There are plenty of things you can do that won't break the bank, while also getting you ready for the holidays. Here are 15 alternatives to Black Friday shopping.

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Get Out the DecorationsLorena Fernandez/Shutterstock

Get Out the Decorations

An alternative to Black Friday shopping is a great day to put up the Christmas tree, hang garland and put out your Christmas village. And this year, learn how to hang a wreath on your door without leaving a nail hole!
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Hang the Lightssbarabu/Shutterstock

Hang the Lights

It's best to put up your holiday LED lights during the dusk evening hours so you can see how the lights will look when they are plugged in. And smaller bulbs work best on deciduous trees, while larger bulbs work well on evergreen trees.
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Make Gift ListsESB Professional/Shutterstock

Make Gift Lists

Instead of joining in on the Black Friday shopping frenzy, start thinking about and researching gifts for those on your holiday lists. And the options are nearly endless when it comes to gifts that will be perfect for the DIYers on your list.
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Get Fireplace Wood ReadyMarina Zezelina/Shutterstock

Get Fireplace Wood Ready

Now is the time to get wood for your fireplace and stack it in a convenient location. Before you build that first fire, make sure your fireplace is ready for winter.
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Organize Gift Wrap, RibbonsFamily Handyman

Organize Gift Wrap, Ribbons

Instead of Black Friday shopping, say goodbye to ripped gift wrapping paper and tangled ribbons. And pick up some PVC pipe and PVC glue and make a gift wrap rack.
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Get Cozynito/Shutterstock

Get Cozy

Hygge, a Danish concept, roughly translates to coziness. Danes spend half the year in chilly and damp weather and they use hygge to make their homes a comfortable place to be. And try it yourself with candles, cozy blankets and a home-cooked meal instead of fighting the crowds at the mall.
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Introduce Your Kids to DIYSyda Productions/Shutterstock

Introduce Your Kids to DIY

Help your young children develop their DIY skills with some easy projects. And start them off with a wrench, hammer and even a lightweight cordless drill/driver.
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Organize Your SpicesB Calkins/Shutterstock

Organize Your Spices

Get ready for all that baking with an organized spice rack. You can also make a spice rack with just a few supplies. It would make a great gift for any home chef on your list.
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Make an Alternative Tree

Whether you have a small space that won't accommodate a traditional Christmas tree, or you just want to add some extra holiday cheer to your home this season, try an alternative tree. And some trees are as simple as finding a branch and decorating it with your favorite ornaments, or stacking your books in the shape of a Christmas tree. Turn Black Friday shopping day into Christmas tree building day! Photo: Courtesy of Popsugar
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Donate Your TimeESB Professional/Shutterstock

Donate Your Time

Give the gift of time this black Friday shopping day and volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter or spend time with seniors at a nursing home. And you can also help a neighbor who doesn't get out much by putting up decorations, completing end-of-season yard work or cooking them a meal.
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Build a Little Free LibraryAgnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Build a Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries can be found on streets across the country. The concept is simple—help get people reading with books that can be borrowed and returned to any Little Free Library. The first Little Free Library was built in 2009 and they can now be found in more than 80 countries. And check out this garden storage box that could easily be converted into a Little Free Library.
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Get BakingOgovorka/Shutterstock

Get Baking

If you skip the Black Friday shopping, you can get a start on your holiday baking. Make some cookies, bars and breads and freeze them so they'll be ready for Christmas. And when you're done, get your oven ready for even more holiday cooking by cleaning it without harsh chemicals.
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Build a BirdhouseFamily Handyman

Build a Birdhouse

Give all those birds a place to rest with a backyard birdhouse. With about $20 worth of materials and a few hours, you'll have a fun project you will enjoy for years to come.
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Use Firewood For a Project

Use Firewood For a Project

If you have a stack of firewood, grab a couple pieces and a saw and make one of these simple firewood projects. Whether you make coasters, a stool or a shelf, you can create something in just a couple hours.
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Create Christmas Ornaments

Create Christmas Ornaments

Spend a few hours on Black Friday making some custom Christmas ornaments. Get the kids involved for a fun, creative afternoon.

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