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15 Amazing Toy Rooms That Put the FUN in Functional

Kids are arguably the most imaginative creatures on the planet, so why not take a page out of their book with these inspiring toy room ideas that fuse creativity, function and, of course, fun!

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Create a

Create a Theme

One of the easiest ways to bring out the unique personality of your children is to include a themed space just for them. Creating a themed space doesn't have to be difficult or expensive—simply choose a color palette, fabrics, and accessories that speak to your theme, and you'll have a defined space in no time. To bring the outdoors in, pair woodsy fabrics, animal motifs and build natural elements, like this nifty branch shelf to create a deep-woods adventure for your little explorers.
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Choose Fun Storage

Choose Fun Storage

Toy room organization is so important, but who says storage has to be boring? Combining bright colors and functional design will create a space that will have kids eager to tidy up (well, perhaps with a little encouragement) at the end of the day! For the biggest bang for your buck, one of the most amazing toy room storage ideas is to create your own DIY storage tower, just for toys. With only a few hours and some inexpensive supplies, you can create a place for everything—which means more room to play.
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Embrace the Craft

Embrace the Craft

Craft projects have long been a perennial favorite of kids everywhere, and for good reason. Using imagination, dexterity, and skill, crafting is the perfect introduction for little ones to DIY—a skill they can use for life. With a little creative genius, mom or dad can also create a brilliant craft storage cart by modifying low-cost shelving. The result? A craft center that will become the heart of your toy room.
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Use Wall Space WiselyYuri-U/Shutterstock

Use Wall Space Wisely

Walls are for more than color. Hooks, shelves, bins and funky mirrors all have a role to play in amazing toy room ideas, and can greatly increase your usable storage space. Just be sure to hang items correctly to prevent falls and accidents. Here is everything you need to know about hanging wall-mounted items in your kid-friendly space.
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Encourage Mini DIY

Encourage Mini DIY

From miniature kitchen sets to workbenches, little ones want to practice being big. Encourage children to DIY in their spaces with lightweight tools, kitchen supplies, or anything else that will fuel their creativity. Old pots, utensils, and plastic dishes from a secondhand store are the perfect addition to a toy room kitchen, and for the passionate tinkerer, consider this DIY mini workbench in a kid-friendly size.
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Fill it With FramesAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Fill it With Frames

When it comes to amazing toy room ideas, nothing is better than a picture frame. By building these DIY frames with mitered corners, you can create an endless array of frames for your children's art. Even better, if you're short on space, consider hanging your board games on the wall, with the pieces in a bag attached to the back. Then you have both statement art and storage covered in one easy step!
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Encourage JumpingElnur/Shutterstock

Encourage Jumping

For little ones who love to jump, encourage them not to do it on the furniture, by creating a ball-pit in their toy room. Thick foam mats make a great border for the pit, and a large, mesh laundry bag can store all the balls when you need the space. The only thing you'll need for all that activity is a surefire way to repair squeaky floors, and you'll be ready to go!
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Make it

Make it All-Ages

There are plenty of great ways to combine muted-color, furniture and entertainment devices to create a toy room that will accommodate kids of all ages. Consider pairing larger toy room organization storage units with this DIY step stool to help little ones reach their stuff. Add some color and texture with throw pillows or a bright rug to make the space fun, without overdoing it. This is also a great solution when a toy room needs to function as a living space for the rest of the family.
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Encourage Easy CleanupBeloborod/Shutterstock

Encourage Easy Cleanup

Open shelves are handy, but for easy cleanup, there's no better way to go than with bins, baskets, and drawers. Task your little ones with helping you create labels for all the bins, and you will have a quick way to know where everything needs to go when it's time to clean-up. A tip for kids who aren't yet able to read is to create graphic labels with pictures and text to help them get the idea. Existing cabinets can easily be modified to accommodate more functional storage like these roll out cabinet drawers you can build yourself.
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Create Cozy Sitting SpotsYuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

Create Cozy Sitting Spots

Lots of seating should be a staple of any toy-room, and if your seat can double as storage—that's a huge bonus! Narrow plastic totes, designed for rolls of wrapping paper are the perfect solution for under-sofa storage, and cubes, like these simple to make box shelves make ideal seats that can hold books, baskets, blankets or any other item you need to make a cozy retreat.
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Don't Ignore the Floor Ilike/Shutterstock

Don't Ignore the Floor

If you're short on space, don't overlook the value of the floor as a play area. Outfit your room with a cozy rug to encourage little ones to sit and play. Throw down this DIY hopscotch mat for instant indoor fun on a rainy day, or use a rug designed for toy cars, superimposed with city scenes and roads.
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Foster Make-Believe

Children learn by imitating the world around them, and that includes all kinds of dress-up and make-believe play. Foster that creativity with a full-length mirror and a dedicated storage space for all their costumes and you will have kids that will lose themselves in all the great things they can become. Try this entryway storage organizer as the perfect costume center.
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Draw on the

Draw on the Walls

Well, only the ones meant for drawing! Paint plays a huge role in setting the mood of a room, and now you can create a blank canvas that your children can decorate over and over again, with paintable chalkboard and whiteboard walls. Even better, consider a magnetic primer you can roll on to hang artwork and create a new space each time your child draws. Plus: 10 Tips for a Perfect Paint Job
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Build a

Build a Swing

Swings aren't just for the outdoors—in fact, they can be a perfect addition to any toy room, as long as you have space, and a sturdy ceiling joist. A swing can provide a relaxing place to unwind, and doubles as a great storage spot for stuffed animals when not in use.
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Built-in Brilliance

One of the very best toy room organization ideas is to incorporate your play spaces into your regular living quarters. Built-in shelves and storage units are a lifesaver. Built-in units add a level of sophistication you don't get from stand-alone units and can ramp up your design and decor game. And, if you need proof that building bookcases and shelves doesn't have to be hard, check out our collection of bookcase and shelf building tips.