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15 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

Even if you use reusable shopping bags, there's a good chance you have some plastic grocery bags somewhere in your home. In addition to using the bags for trash, storage and even picking up after the dog, here are 15 brilliant ways to reuse those plastic grocery bags.

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The blogger from circularthreadz says she turns heads when she heads to the store with this handbag made with plastic grocery bags. It took her about nine hours and around 500 plastic bags to make this reusable handbag.

Photo: Courtesy of circularthreadz

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plastic bag rugPhoto: Courtesy of EndlessPossByHotline on Etsy


This rug found on Etsy is made from recycled plastic bags and measures 25 inches by 28 inches. It would be perfect in a mudroom or laundry area because it is water resistant.

Photo: Courtesy of EndlessPossByHotline on Etsy

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plastic bag kid craftsPhoto: Courtesy of Bags Revolt

Classroom Lessons

One educator is using plastic bags to teach students about how we can better use and dispose of plastic materials. Read about her lesson plans focusing on plastic bags on Bags Revolt.

Photo: Courtesy of Bags Revolt

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plastic bag ropePhoto: Courtesy of


If you have several plastic bags, try using them to make a rope as seen on Use the finished product to keep groceries from falling over in the car.

Photo: Courtesy of

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plastic bag paintbrush coverPhoto: Courtesy of The Rozy Home

Keep a Paintbrush Fresh

If you’re doing some painting around the house, use a plastic bag to keep your paintbrush fresh. To keep the brush from drying out, put it in a plastic bag and wrap it up like a burrito, as seen on The Rozy Home.

Photo: Courtesy of The Rozy Home

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plastic bag coastersPhoto: Courtesy of Trash Backwards


The blogger from Trash Backwards used plastic bags to create these coasters. Use them to keep your coffee table clear from drips and beverage rings.

Photo: Courtesy of Trash Backwards

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cutting plastic bagPhoto: Courtesy of Nurturing Wisdom

Store Decorations

For a clever storage solution, use plastic bags to store Christmas tree branches. The blogger from Nurturing Wisdom wraps the branches tightly in the bags, then labels them so she knows which branches go first on her artificial tree.

Photo: Courtesy of Nurturing Wisdom

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Photo: Courtesy of Wisdom for Mom

Organize Small Items

If you purchase new bedding or curtains, they’ll likely come in a plastic bag with a zipper. Use those bags to store your child’s small toys or even your jewelry or toiletries when vacationing. Find more ideas here.

Photo: Courtesy of Wisdom for Mom

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Photo: Courtesy of Craftideas

Halloween Ghosts

Decorate your home this Halloween with plastic bags. Your kids can help you turn the bags into ghosts with just scissors and some yarn. For instructions, visit Craftideas.

Photo: Courtesy of Craftideas

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Photo: Courtesy of Craft Buds


Looking for a sewing project? This clutch is made from plastic grocery bags and scrap pieces of fabric. Read about it and see more photos.

Photo: Courtesy of Craft Buds

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Photo: Courtesy of Green Prophet


Have the kids get to work and create some artwork to hang in their bedrooms. Be creative and use bags in different colors, along with markers to create a design. For more ideas, visit Green Prophet.

Photo: Courtesy of Green Prophet

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Photo: Courtesy of Trash Backwards


This Valentine is made from a plastic mesh produce bag that is cut in the shape of a heart and attached to a piece of paper. Take this idea from Trash Backwards and make your own Valentines and greeting cards.

Photo: Courtesy of Trash Backwards

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Photo: Courtesy of AARP Community


Try using plastic bags to create a wreath for every season. There are several ideas on the AARP Community website that will surely look great on your front door.

Photo: Courtesy of AARP Community

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Photo: Courtesy of Lulastic


Use those plastic bags to make a little pompom that can be used as a last-minute decoration. You just need some scissors and string for this craft. Visit Lulastic for instructions.

Photo: Courtesy of Lulastic

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