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15 Incredible Christmas Gift Hiding Spots

Sometimes hiding Christmas presents can be harder than shopping for them! Check out these ingenious ideas for keeping your Christmas presents away from snooping kids.

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In a Suitcase

In a Suitcase

Stuff as many gifts as you can inside a suitcase. Duffel bags and laptop bags work as well. Just make sure the recipient won't use any of the bags before Christmas.
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Your Underwear DrawerBenjamin Haas/Shutterstock

Your Underwear Drawer

Need to hide some gifts from your kids? Hide them in the last place your kids want to look—your underwear drawer.
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In the Trash

In the Trash

You know how hard it is to get your child to take out the trash? Well, they're unlikely to snoop for Christmas gifts in the garbage. Get a garbage can (preferably a new, clean one) and keep the gifts in there, safe in the basement or in the garage. This is a perfect gift hiding spot.
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The Clothes Hamper

The Clothes Hamper

Stick those Christmas gifts in the bottom of a laundry hamper and cover them with (slightly) dirty clothes. Just remember to not dump out the whole hamper in the washing machine!

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With Pots and Pans

With Pots and Pans

If you have some smaller gifts to hide, try putting them in various pots and pans with lids. But just make sure no one sees your gift hiding spot when you go to get that pot out to make soup.
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In Your Socks

In Your Socks

Socks are the perfect gift hiding spot for smaller items. And think stocking stuffers such as pocket tools, candy and jewelry.
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The AtticDelpixel/Shutterstock

The Attic

Chances are your attic is a place your kids can't get to easily. So place gifts in a covered bin or a plastic bag so they don't get dusty.
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Gift Hiding Spot: Friend's HomeTyler Olson/Shutterstock

Gift Hiding Spot: Friend's Home

If your kids or another family member are extremely nosy and bad about snooping, take the Christmas gifts to a friend's home. Just keep a list of everything you've sent so nothing is forgotten when it's time to retrieve the gifts. This gift hiding spot will never be discovered by wandering eyes.
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In Your CarAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

In Your Car

If your kids are young and confined to the back seat, consider keeping some gifts in your car. Small gifts can be hidden in the glove compartment while bigger gifts can be stored in the trunk.
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At Your OfficeRoman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

At Your Office

If you can, just bring the gifts to your office to keep them safe before Christmas. There's a good chance your family won't be snooping in this gift hiding spot!
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A Storage UnitSean Locke Photography/Shutterstock

A Storage Unit

If you have a storage unit or shed, take the Christmas gifts there. If not, considering renting a unit for a short period of time. This is a great gift hiding spot for families who need to hide a lot of gifts, or extra-large gifts.
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Mislabeled Boxes

Mislabeled Boxes

You can literally hide gifts right in front of your family's eyes by putting them in mislabeled boxes. Find a box to label "books for donation," "clothes to get rid of," or better yet, "Old Tax Returns."
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Behind BooksDragana Gordic/Shutterstock

Behind Books

If you have a bookshelf with a lot of books, try hiding smaller Christmas gifts behind the books. This gift hiding spot will work best with deep shelves. And out of eye sight for those who are snoopy.
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In the GarageFamily Handyman

In the Garage

You probably already store some items in the garage rafters, so hiding another bag or bin full of gifts won't raise any red flags. Just make sure this gift hiding spot is away from any other items (like Christmas decorations) that may be brought down and opened.
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The Basementpeace baby/Shutterstock

The Basement

If your basement is a place no one wants to venture into, try a gift hiding spot in the storage room. Basements are often scary for kids so there's a good chance they'll stay away. And put the gifts in boxes, bags or plastic tubs, but don't hide them TOO well!

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