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15 Must-Have Grilling Tools from Amazon

Whether you're a grilling guru or an aspiring assistant, there are some essential grilling tools you'll want to have on hand to help you work your grilling magic. Here are 15 must-have grilling tools you can find on Amazon.

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Digital Meat Thermometer with Wireless Remote

This waterproof digital meat thermometer with wireless remote from Valoin is a high-tech grilling tool you’ll want this season. Monitor your food even when you have to step away. The thermometer can also be used for your oven. One reviewer noted that the thermometer worked flawlessly, adding “It was very easy to program. It took a couple of seconds to reset the temperature settings. It’s extremely accurate.”

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Lighter Cubes

Don’t have a charcoal chimney starter? Try these lighter cubes. This set from Weber comes with 24 cubes that will light even when wet. They are also odorless and smokeless.

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Collapsible Charcoal Starter

You’ll want to add this collapsible charcoal starter to the list of camping hacks you wish you knew about earlier. The starter heats charcoal quickly and is a great piece of equipment for grilling, tailgating, camping, beach trips and other outdoor activities.

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Magnetic Barbecue Light Set

Still need to install some outdoor lighting? Add these magnetic barbecue lights to your grill to help you cook dinner in the dark. The lights work on most grills, except those made from stainless steel. They have a flexible neck so they can be adjusted to give off light right where you need it.

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Grilling Gloves

These BBQ grilling gloves are made from silicone and offer maximum protection from burns and cuts. Take food directly off the grill with these gloves—no need to dirty a pan or platter!

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Spatula with Bottle Opener

Here’s one new way to open a beer bottle. The barbecue spatula with bottle opener from Cave Tools is also perfect for your next tailgate party.

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Stainless Steel Skewers

Instead of bamboo skewers, try these stainless steel skewers for kebabs and grilling vegetables.

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Grilling Apron

Keep all your grilling tools handy with this professional grade chef apron. The heavy-weight material is machine washable and has four pockets and a towel loop. If you’re just starting to grill, learn about all the grill fuels.

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Baking Mat

The mats will give you the grill lines you’re looking for and help prevent small pieces of food from falling through the grates. These heavy-duty non-stick mats work for most grills and have a five-star rating on Amazon.

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Shredder Claws

Considering a smoker? You’ll want a pair of these shredder tools for pulled pork and chicken. Shredder Claws have a bear paw shape so you can easily pick up hot food without burning your hands.

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Wood Grill Scraper with Bottle Opener

Tune up your gas grill and clean the grates with a wood grill scrapper. With wood scrapers, you don’t run the risk of losing a wire bristle in your food. This model is made from cedar and even comes with a leather grip and bottle opener handle.

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Burger Press

Make perfectly sized burgers for your next tailgate party with the ultimate burger press. The press can also be used to make stuffed burgers.

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Meat Injector Kit

You can intensify the flavor of grilled turkey, brisket, pork and chicken with a meat injector kit. This stainless-steel kit has three professional marinade needles with 2-ounce large capacity barrel.

Got a gas grill? Here’s how to make a propane to natural gas conversion.

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Grilling Floor Mat

Protect your new patio from ugly stains. This under-grill mat is fire retardant and flame resistant. The mat will protect your deck, patio or lawn from spills and grill legs.

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