14 Stunning Living Wreath Ideas

Looking for a different kind of wreath to decorate your home? Living wreaths are a great option to add some color and texture to your home's entryway and even inside. Here are 15 ideas to inspire you.

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Succulent Wreath

This living wreath uses a variety of succulents. It’s varying colors and textures would make it a stunning addition to your home’s entryway. These eight succulents make pretty, easy-to-care-for ground covers.

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fall wreath
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Autumn Wreath

This autumn wreath uses dried twigs and leaves, along with some gourds. You could also add pine cones and acorns. Here are 14 fall wreaths you haven’t already seen.

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dried flower wreath

DIY Bird Feeder Wreath

The birds in your yard will love this wreath. Use seed heads and a grapevine wreath to make this DIY bird feeder wreath.

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Eucalyptus Wreath

You won’t need a candle to add a pleasant aroma to a room when you have this wreath. Made from eucalyptus, it will bring a fresh scent to any room. Find the perfect front door wreaths for every season.

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summer wreath
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Wildflower Wreath

Collect some wildflowers and use them to make a wreath. Prairie grass mixed with colorful flowers makes for a stunning display. These wildflowers do well in home gardens.

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purple wreath
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Purple Wreath

This wreath features the purple autumn heather flower for a simple living wreath. You can get a similar look using lavender as well. Lavender is one of many bee friendly plants to have in your yard.

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woodsy wreath
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Acorn Wreath

This wreath uses acorns, pine cones and dog nose. This wreath would transition well from fall into winter.

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floral wreath
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Cornflower Wreath

When it comes to wreath making, the options are nearly endless. This wreath uses cornflowers in a variety of colors. Live in the suburbs? Try growing these 10 wildflowers.

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door wreath

Clip-and-Snip Wreath

Just take a walk in your backyard or through the woods to collect items for this simple clip-and-snip holiday wreath. Just use a colorful ribbon to tie it all together.

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pink flower wreath
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Centerpiece Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to decorate your door. If you have delicate flowers, try making a wreath to use as a table centerpiece.

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Wood and Succulent Wreath

This living wreath uses succulents and leaves much of the wood wreath exposed. Add a wooden letter for a personalized touch. Plant succulents in recycled glass jars.

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Coastal Wreath

This coastal-inspired wreath uses shells and starfish attached to a prairie grass. This design would be perfect for those with beach-themed decors.

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Grapevine Wreath

This grapevine wreath is decorated with live plants and decorative moss. When hanging a living wreath, be sure to consider sunlight, as too much sunlight can be harmful to the plants. These are 11 of the best plants for container gardening.

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Herb Wreath

If you grow herbs in your garden, you know how difficult it can be to use them all up. Try using leftover herbs in a living wreath. Rosemary, bay, thyme and sage would work great in this project. These are the best herbs to grow on a patio.

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