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15 Valentine Gifts Made With Scrabble Tiles

If you're looking for a meaningful Valentine's gift this year, try getting creative with some Scrabble tiles. If you don't have old Scrabble tiles at home, try looking for some at a resale or thrift shop. Once you have your tiles, you likely need just a couple tools and materials, along with a little creativity to make one of these 15 cool Valentine gifts.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Photo Art

Find a shadow box or picture frame, along with a photo or two to recreate this idea from Love Unique Personal. You can add little wooden hearts and a personalized message to create this special gift that would look great on a gallery wall.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Coasters

Here’s a quick gift you can make in about an hour. Pick out some tiles to spell four-letter words (love, mine, cute or beer, wine, cork, etc.) and glue the tiles to some thin cork board to create quick coasters. For directions, visit Gourmet Gab.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Wall Tile

The recipient of this gift will surely find a place for it on their wall. You’ll need a wooden shadow box, some paint and hot glue to make this DIY Scrabble tile wall decor. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Oh and, if you’re still struggling with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, look no further.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Necklace

Make a Valentine’s gift she’ll love to wear. This necklace from Claireabellemakes uses a Scrabble letter tile that is then attached to a silver chain. You can find materials to make necklaces at most craft stores. You’ll also need a pair of pliers to secure the letter to the chain.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Family Tree

A family tree makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for a grandparent. Grab a frame or shadowbox, some glue and a piece of pretty background paper (scrapbook paper from your craft room would work!). Then use the tiles to spell out the names of family members. For complete instructions, visit This is Sesame.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas. Think of some words to describe your Valentine and make them an ornament. Use glue to attach the letters, along with a piece of twine or string to hang it. For instructions, click here.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Frame

Head to the thrift store and pick up an old picture frame or mirror frame. Then use Scrabble tiles to create a personalized border. You may need some clamps to hold the frame in place while you work. For instructions with photos, click here.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Name Plates

Here’s a quick, yet personalized gift idea from Funkyjunk on Facebook. Make your Valentine their own name plate they can keep on their desk or in their office. Use the letters to spell out a Valentine-inspired message and glue the tiles to the tile holder that comes with the game.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Sign Art

Take the idea of Scrabble artwork and make it bigger! If you’re up for a woodworking project, you’ll need some wood blocks (or use scrap wood and cut to size with a saw), along with some vinyl letters and some clear gloss spray paint. For instructions, visit A Blissful Nest.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Key Ring

Make your Valentine a personalized Scrabble tile initial key ring to hold their car keys. Head to the craft store for a key ring along with a small jewelry bracket to attach the Scrabble tile to the key ring. For more on these sweet little gifts, click here.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Anniversary Art

This idea would work as a DIY gift for either Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Use the Scrabble tiles to spell out your names, along with your anniversary date. This would also make a great piece of artwork for couples who are new homeowners. For ideas, visit CleverCHIC.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Movie Quote

Does your Valentine have a favorite movie? Use Scrabble tiles to spell out a quote from their favorite film, then hang it in the theater room or man cave! For instructions, visit A Very Sturdy Design.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Welcome Art

Here’s another take on using Scrabble tiles to celebrate your relationship and welcome people to your home. Use tiles to spell out your last name, and add some personalized details such as a key, some hearts or even a photo. Then hang the piece in your entryway near your front door.

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Scrabble Tile Art: Valentine

If you’re feeling creative, try making this faux wooden valentine from Organize & Decorate Everything. You’ll need some supplies from the craft room, including scrapbook or wrapping paper, some twine, heart charms and a wood frame.

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Scrabble Tile Crafts: Magnets

Your valentine will think of you every time they see these Scrabble magnets on their refrigerator. Just cut some magnetic strip pieces and glue them to the tiles. Use the letters to spell out different sayings. For instructions, click here.

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