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15 Ways to Add Copper to Decor

In home decor, copper comes and goes in popularity. Right now it's enjoying a resurgence, so what can you do beyond hanging some copper pots and pans in the kitchen? Here are 15 creative ways to add copper to your home's decor.

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Copper Light FixturesPhoto: Courtesy of Tom Dixon

Light Fixtures

Give a room an updated look with copper light fixtures. These copper fixtures add some warmth to the space, and tie together the color scheme.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Dixon

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Copper Clothing Rack Photo: Courtesy of Crowdyhouse

Clothing Rack

Consider using some copper pipe from Crowdyhouse for your hanging clothes. If you lack closet space, this would be a great option to keep your bedroom organized and on-trend.

Photo: Courtesy of Crowdyhouse

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tablescape copper mugsPhoto: Courtesy of Kelley Nan


Use copper as part of your tablescape. Try using copper plate chargers or drinking glasses at the dining table the next time you have guests over for a meal. Mixing metals, gold chargers, mugs and silver rimmed candle holders, for example, is chic and unexpected. For inspiration, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Kelley Nan

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copper wife shelfCourtesy of Yellow Feather

Wire Shelf

If you’re short on storage, add a copper wire shelf. The blogger at Yellow Feather uses a wire shelf as a nightstand. If you find a wire shelf at a garage sale or thrift store, you can spray paint it with metallic paint.

Photo: Courtesy of Yellow Feather

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copper candle holdersPhoto: Courtesy of Everyday with Sarah

Candle Holders

Add some copper to your home’s decor with polished copper-colored candle holders. Candles bring a cozy feel to any room. For inspiration, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Everyday with Sarah

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Star DecorationPhoto: Courtesy of April and the Bear

Star Decoration

Try painting ornaments with copper paint. Whether used for Christmas decorations or year-round, ornaments, such as this star from April and the Bear, look great in natural light near a window.

Photo: Courtesy of April and the Bear

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DIY Copper Dinosaur PlanterPhoto: Courtesy of Alice Louise on YouTube

Dinosaur Planter

Is one of your houseplants in need of a new container? This DIYer painted a planter, made from a plastic toy dinosaur, with paint for use with succulents. See a video tutorial here.

Photo: Courtesy of Alice Louise on YouTube

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copper pipe shelfPhoto: Courtesy of heylilahey

Pipe Shelf

Is industrial your go-to home decor style? Try using copper pipe to build a shelf. For the instructions and step-by-step photos, visit heylilahey.

Photo: Courtesy of heylilahey

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copper mirror framePhoto: Courtesy of Makers Society

Mirror Frame

This blogger took an old mirror and gave it a copper edge. Look for a mirror at a thrift store, then back the mirror with plywood that is cut slightly larger than the mirror. Attach the plywood to the miror with super glue. Then, wrap copper tape around the edge. For complete instructions, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Makers Society

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copper pipe bookshelfPhoto: Courtesy of A DIY Blog


Build a new bookcase with wood and copper pipe. This woodworking project was inspired by a bookshelf from Crate and Barrel. To see how it was built, visit A DIY Blog.

Photo: Courtesy of A DIY Blog

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decoration copper and &Photo: Courtesy of Hawthorne and Main

Fun Accessories

Find some fun accessories such as this foam ampersand, and use copper spray paint to decorate it. This is an inexpensive way to dress up a mudroom or entryway. See project instructions here.

Photo: Courtesy of Hawthorne and Main

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DIY Copper Scaled Glass OrnamentsPhoto: Courtesy of Once Again, My Dear Irene

Christmas Ornaments

Here’s a rainy day projectDIYChristmas ornaments. You’ll need some glass or plastic ornaments, scissors, copper wire and some copper scrubbing pads. Visit Once Again, My Dear Irene, for instructions.

Photo: Courtesy of Once Again, My Dear Irene

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dfh17sep043-11 copper hanging pots and pans kitchenBerezhneva Tamara/Shutterstock

Pots and Pants

If you use copper pots and pans, try hanging them on a pot rack or display them on an open shelf in your kitchen. For inspiration, click here.

Photo: Berezhneva Tamara/Shutterstock

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copper geometric lampshadePhoto: Courtesy of Yellow Feather

Ladder and Lampshade

This project uses some fixtures to create a copper and wood decorative ladder, along with alamp shade. Use the ladder to hang blankets. For instructions, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Yellow Feather

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