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16 Crazy Painted Pumpkins You Need to See

Chic stripes, bold metallics and ghoulish faces are just some of the brilliant ideas for your festive painted pumpkins.

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Things to Paint on Pumpkins: Stripes, Checks and Dots

Contrasting designs and complementing colors can create quite the display this Halloween. For a harlequin look, try painting one pumpkin with polka dots, another with checks and stripes and the rest with one bold color.Making a Halloween creation on your own is often the fun part.Check out these Halloween decoration and costume ideas.

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paint Natalia Wimberley/Shutterstock

Things to Paint on Pumpkins: Stenciled Bats

Use the orange color of your pumpkin as a base, then paint different sections black to contrast. Add black stenciled bats on the orange background for a festive piece of Halloween art!Check out this miniature Halloween scene inside a carved foam pumpkin.

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faceTeresa Otto/Shutterstock

Cool Painted Pumpkins: Caricature Faces

Add a little humor to your pumpkins by decorating them with caricature-style faces. Tuck these painted pumpkins between piles of leaves in your yard and the trick-or-treaters will feel welcome.Tired of just carving your pumpkin year after year? We’ve got a great idea to share! Glam up a pumpkin with some tape and a can of spray paint.

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Cool Painted Pumpkins: Golden Pumpkins

Bright orange might not be your favorite hue, but if you want to remain festive during the season, try painting mini pumpkins gold and intertwining them with other autumnal items for a beautiful tablescape.Want to have some fun with your power tools this Halloween? Put them to use carving pumpkins!

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Cool Painted Pumpkins: Glittered Pumpkins

Painted aqua or black, glittering up your multi-colored pumpkins can add a touch of pizzazz to your holiday decorations.Got pumpkins? We’ve got 15 project ideas and tips that will make your pumpkins the best on the block!

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Things to Paint on Pumpkins: Spiders, Faces and Big, Bold, Colorful Polka Dots

Create your own pumpkin patch that will surely intrigue the neighbors and your little ones. Paint the stems black to offset the orange, then paint some with monster faces, others with spiders and some with cheerful polka dots. The variety is what makes it work!With big eyes and mournful cries, owls make the perfect spooky pumpkin. No need for messy carving, these owls are dressed in vintage newsprint feathers.

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Things to Paint on Pumpkins: Floral Pumpkin

Autumn showers bring Halloween flowers? It’s not your traditional rhyme, but neither is this floral pumpkin! If you like intricate designs and can paint well, try challenging your creative side with something like this.Before you rake up all of the beautiful leaves in your yard, save the prettiest ones to decorate your pumpkins. Here’s how.

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Cool Painted Pumpkins: Dip Dye Pumpkins

Dip your pumpkins in nontraditional colors for an unconventional display. They’ll look great stacked on stairs outside your door or as a table centerpiece.Pumpkins aren’t just for baking pies and carving this fallthere are plenty of creative things to do with pumpkins.

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black grandinroad

Cool Painted Pumpkins: Black Jeweled Pumpkin

Black is certainly synonymous with Halloween, so it makes sense your darker side might want to turn a cheerfully bright orange pumpkin into a dark and stormy sight. And if you’d like to give your dark painted pumpkin a little more flair, offset the black by painting the stem silver and bedazzling the top!

Black pumpkins are cool. Black mold is not. Here’s what you need to know about black mold.

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Cool Painted Pumpkins: Multi-Colored White Pumpkin

A white pumpkin with multiple bright colors dripping down from the stem is a chic alternative to the traditional bright orange pumpkin.Get in the spirit of fall with these 25 unusual pumpkin spice products.

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characterRoss Dunn/Flickr

Things to Paint on Pumpkins: Movie Characters

Get the family together and have everyone paint a pumpkin to look like their favorite movie character! Perhaps it’s Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Spider-Man or a minion!If the weather starts to take a turn, get inspired by these 100 activities that will get you into the spirit of fall.

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monsterPROPaul VanDerWerf/Flickr

Cool Painted Pumpkins: Massive Monster Mouth

This pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 1,152 pounds one year at the annual Pumpkin Festival and Regatta held in October in Damariscotta, Maine. If you can get your hands on a pumpkin that’s absolutely massive, you better have some fun with it!You may be ready for fall, but is your house prepared? These tips will help you get your home ready for wetter, cooler autumn weather.

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Cool Painted Pumpkins: Day of the Dead Pumpkin

Celebrate the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, which begins on October 31st, by creating a painted pumpkin with a traditional Day of the Dead skull face.With fall on the way, you’ll want to make sure your home is ready for the cooler months. Here are 15 smart tips to consider.

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Things to Paint on Pumpkins: Family Pumpkin

Decorate your entryway with an ode to your family. Paint your pumpkin with all of your happy facespets included!Love Halloween? Check out these 11 haunted house mysteries no one can explain.

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one-eyedLinnaea Mallette/Public Domain Pictures

Cool Painted Pumpkins: One-Eyed Painted Pumpkin

If your kids want to get festive this Halloween season but you’re not quite ready to let them carve, then allow them to paint a ghoulish face!

Getting tools into young hands early and often is the best way to develop DIY skills for kids. We asked pros who teach DIY to kids for their best advice for getting kids started with tools.

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Sad Pumpkin Face

This painted pumpkin face is sad that Halloween season is over so quickly. Keep the festive vibe going at your house with these handy holiday decorating tips.

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