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14 Amazing Storage Products from Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is a gold mine of affordable equipment for the DIY enthusiast. Here are 20 items that can help you organize your work space.

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Drawer Liner

Making the most of your tool chest by laying in these affordable and practical liners. Without a liner, the motion of opening and closing drawers will send whatever part you need into the back of the drawer, where you’ll fumble awkwardly for it.

Installation is as simple as measuring and cutting, just like installing a kitchen cabinet drawer liner. This protects the finish of your drawer and your tools.

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Chest Drawer Compartment Organizers

After you install drawer liners, take it a step further with these drawer organizers. Don’t waste time searching for the right saw blade or your favorite calipers. Create the right place for your tools and they’ll always be close at hand.

By adding this storage upgrade, you’ll vastly increase the usable portion of the tool chest and spend more time actually working.

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Magnetic Tool Holder

Sometimes you don’t want to hide your most frequently used tools, but you do want to keep your work space clear. You can have the best of both worlds by installing magnetic holder strips next to your work area. Need a tool? Just reach out and grab it!

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Magnetic Wrist Band

If you’ve ever worked on a ladder, you know the feeling when a nut or screw falls from your fingers and disappears far below. Avoid the headache of climbing down and searching for a lost piece by picking up one of these magnetic wrist bands from Harbor Freight. Never lose track of small parts again.

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Utility Blade Dispenser Courtesy merchant

Utility Blade Dispenser

Store your utility blades in this dispenser, keeping them sharp, safe and ready to swap out at a moment’s notice. The dispenser easily tucks into a tool bag or attaches to a magnetic strip near your work bench. Make sure you sharpen knife blades regularly and replace disposable blades as soon as they are dull.

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Tool Roll-Up

This tool roll-up is perfect for short, thin tools. It can store 14 tools in a small space without sacrificing order or ease of use.

Because the roll-up constricts air flow when drawn tight, you may consider dedicating a single pocket to a silicone desiccant. Grab it from factory packaging of a new tool, or make it yourself with kitty litter.

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Vacuum Storage Bags

These vacuum storage bags can compress fluffy pillows, blankets, tarps or drop cloths while also wrapping them in a protective covering. All you need is a wet/dry vac or vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Store soft goods in as small of a space as possible, and stack them high and dry.

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Portable Parts Case

If you need nuts, bolts or other small parts on the go, then check out this portable parts case. It features bins big enough to store most common fasteners. The lid seals tight to ensure the parts won’t slip and slide while you’re on the road. Once you have your small parts in order, here’s how to organize the rest of your equipment with these DIY garage storage ideas.

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Parts Rack

If you want an open and stationary option for holding parts, you can’t go wrong with this standing parts bin. It features 47 bins for easy organization of parts, supplies and fasteners.

As you load it up, keep the weight of the parts in mind. Always keep the center of gravity low to the ground, and secure the bin to the floor or the wall so it doesn’t tip over.

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Storage Hooks

Building storage shelves is a great idea that still eats up floor space. Make use of all that wall and ceiling area in your workshop by installing these storage hooks. Then you can hang almost anything — shovels, rakes, bikes, even scrap lumber.

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Funnel Tray

After working on a project, collecting miscellaneous bits and pieces and putting them in the proper storage bin is a key step in the clean-up process. But all that collecting and organization takes time, so it’s tempting to skip. This funnel tray can make the process easy and efficient.

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Wood Tool Chest

Nothing is as beautiful and functional as a wood tool chest, right? You can always make your own, or swing by Harbor Freight and pick up this gorgeous display piece. Store your tools or small parts in this chest and it will be a pleasure pulling them out. It comes pre-lined.

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20 in. Rolling Tool Bag 61925 alternate photo #1

Rolling Tool Bag

If you need a lot of heavy tools and don’t want to strain your back, this rolling tool bag is the perfect solution. It features pockets inside and out, smooth rolling casters and an extendable handle.

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Classic Tool Belt

A rugged tool belt allows DIYers to take a small toolbox anywhere on the jobsite while still keeping their hands free. That allows you to work faster, safer and with less fuss than by toting around a full box of tools. Here are 17 more ideas for storing all kinds of tools.

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